This Little Light Of Mine

This Little Light Of Mine

“If you are the light

you cast away the darkness.”

-ManHee Lee

“Stars can’t shine

without darkness.”


Hello Friends!

How is your book coming along? I am plugging away, and am rather enjoying the time I am creating for  November novel challenge! Keep up the good work, we can do it together!

In these dark mornings and even darker nights if you find yourself anything like me. You may find yourself wanting to stay in. Wanting to sleep a little more, less motivated to do, more motivated to eat comfort food. The days are short and the nights are long. We all need to keep our lights shining from with in. Keep doing what you always do, let us all use these cold and dark times to utilize different aspects of ourselves. Other than the darkness what else is on that brilliant mind of yours? What do you love to do inside or yes even outside on these cold days? What are you thinking about everyday,most likely it is rolling around and back and fourth day to day. What inspires you mostly what makes you happy?

These times are great for reading, writing, making art, listening to soulful inspiring music, catching up on old movies, cooking, baking. Instead of letting the seasonal depression reign and pull us down, let us be inspired from these dark mornings and evenings. Use your imagination, dig deep down and do some soul searching. We can all benefit from these times, our time is now.

So get warm, cozy up, and tap into your intelligent, brilliant mind, and find yourself in a whole new way. Reinvent yourself, search a little more. We mustn’t hide from the darkness, we must be the light that shines a new path, even better a new beginning to a better you. A tribute song I sing to my children every night, from me to you : )

“This little light of mine

I’m gonna let it shine.

This little light of mine

I’m gonna let it shine.

Let it shine. Let it shine. Let it shine!

All down the road

I’m gonna let it shine.

All down the road

I’m gonna let it shine.

Let it shine! LET IT SHINE! LET IT SHINE!”

 Shine brighter and warmer every day! Until next time friends! : )

Happy Haunted Halloween!

Hello Friends! Halloween is almost here, Hooray! Susanna Leonard Hill’s 5th annual Halloweensie writing contest is upon us! The prerequisites to this contest are as followed:

-A children’s story under 100 words

– The words dark, haunt, and costume must all appear in the story.

-It can be funny, scary or anything in between!

Here is it, hope you enjoy reading as much as I did writing it! HAPPY HAUNTED HALLOWEEN to all!

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