One Last Trick

Hello Friends! I have decide to come out from behind the towers of moving boxes, take a break from scrubbing baseboards. I have the perfect excuse to write and make myself be creative! I can’t hold back my excitement any longer because it’s Susanna Leonard Hill’s 6th annual Halloweensie contest, finally! Last year was my first year entering this short story contest and it was a hoot! So I decided to join the festivities once again.

In this writing contest the story must geared towards young readers, mine is for 3-7 year olds hence the name Halloweensie!(A fun play on Halloween). The story can be spooky, it can be silly, it can be anything in between, but it must be clear it is on Halloween and it must be 100 words or less! Only 100 words people! It has been quite tricky and so fun! I had a blast writing and re-writing stories for this contest. Happy fall, Happy Halloween, happy pumpkin patching, happy costume hunting, happy treat eating, happy happy everything! I hope you enjoy reading as much as I did writing! Wish me luck!

One Last Trick (100 word count)


Shelly Bond

“Drink my witches brew and funny things will happen to you.” A black hat wearing

Brazelda cackled to a bat.

Under the moon, Bat gulped every last drop. Magically, Bat poofed into a child on

Halloween night.

“Now go!” Brazelda ghostly commanded.

“Trick-or-treat.” Bat fooled humans in a spider costume.

House by house, treats grew in Bat’s bag. Bat had a trick of his own.

Brazelda reappeared.

“Now shriek with delight into the night!” Poof! Bat was a bat.

Suddenly Brazeld snatched the bag full of rocks and flew off.

“One last trick.” Bat smirked as he devoured his treats.