Celebrate Your Life!

Celebrate Your Life

“The more you praise and celebrate your

life, the more there is in life to celebrate.”

Oprah Winfrey

Hello again friends,

Another week has passed and what an amazing and crazy journey I have been venturing through these last few months! I had let my life take me over and I had not allowed myself to make my passion a priority.(AKA having a family and small children : ) ) It started out with it being more of a hobby, a hobby that makes me so happy and got me through some pretty tough times in my marriage and personal struggles. I never knew I had an artistic talent or I guess I should say I never had an interest in it, one afternoon of nursing my second born son one of many hours spent in his art less nursery. Hanging off of the side of his crib was this cozy,cutest blanket with silly baby monsters. I had this image of them being on canvas hung on his wall, so what did I do next? I felt the urge to paint these guys, which I have never had that feeling before.

One of my sisters being an amazing artist, inspired the hidden artist deep within me.With this vision of these characters hang on the walls in my son’s nursery my sister got me set up to paint. I looked at the blank canvas laid out on a painting cloth in front of me, I had a pallet of soft blues and grays and a long wispy paint brush in my hand, having no Idea what was to come. I brushed over the canvas like I had done it a million times before, it just flowed and I felt so amazing doing it.

I looked at the images and my mind just painted what I saw, I felt like I was in the movie “Miss Potter” a fun romantic Biography about the author of the “Peter Rabbit” series. She finds friendships and has full on conversations with her characters I now understand where she was coming from. Dorky as it may sound I was talking to my newly painted friends smiling. This sense of excitement and utter happiness came over me, and even now still when I am thinking of my art, or in the midst of it I get butterflys and a sense of a calming happiness.

That is my story of how my love for drawing and creating pictures came out. I felt compelled to share it with you all in light of my first publication ever, of my childrens picture book,”Robot Rybee”!!!!! (I will paste the link below for those of you interested in checking out my work.) Huge deal for me people I did it I want to praise myself for all of my hard work and the years in the making. I self published, it was a thought task and having no clue what I was about to get myself into. Seven weeks after I began the process, I finally got my work out to share with the world happy day for me! I jumped up and down excitingly screaming “I did it!!” My children looked at me like I was a creeper, followed by laughing.

With this amazing accomplishment under my belt I felt the need for a celebration! Being a Wednesday night around dinner time my five year old and I  decided we must celebrate! We were to have a fancy dinner party on the fly, no time to invite anyone but us. We chopped up raw veggies drizzled olive oil and balsamic vinegar and spiced them up tossed them around, made a cheese tray and heated some sausage in the oven. Violet my daughter is an amazing hand in the kitchen, she is my number one helper .  Busted out the wine glasses with some lovely wine with lemonade for the children of course.

Fancy dinner party time, around the time my husband gets home from work. We headed up stairs put on our fancy dinner party dresses strapped on high heel shoes, and yes Violet my five year old wore a pair of my heels too! So stinking cute, we fluffed up our hair put on some lip gloss and then it was party time. I put on some classical string music on one of my Pandora stations, connected to our wireless speaker. Our kitchen was transformed into a lovely celebration featuring me as the guest of honor. My husband got home from work a little confused why I was wearing high heels, (ps I usually don’t wear heels, I don’t even allow shoes in the house). This was a special party and I needed to bust out my best! Our boys joined in, it was a lovely dinner celebration! We toasted to me and my accomplishment. And of course no dinner party would be complete without a dance party! So heels and all, we shook our booties and dorked out once again.

This goes to show that when you set goals in your ever so busy life and make them a priority you can accomplish them. Even if it takes a long time,” good things are worth waiting for” this saying is so true. When you hit these goals, even if they may seem small, CELEBRATE them! Cheers yourself, shake your booty, have your own fancy dinner party. Recognize and praise your accomplishments, it feels so good! The time for you to celebrate your life is here, you can have dreams and goals and still enjoy the now of your beautiful life! Until next time friends!

My Children’s picture book,”Robot Rybee” How exciting, I am in love with this character he is an amazing guy!


In this inspirational tale, Robot Rybee aspires to be the very first robot superhero his home planet Skepula has ever seen. When doubters almost dash his dreams, Rybee finds hope and strength inside himself from doing good and helping others in need.

Keeping Up When You Are Feeling Down

Keeping Up When You Are Feeling Down

 “The beauty of life

does not

depend on

how happy

you are, but how

 happy others

can be

because of you.”

“You have to fight

through some

bad days

to earn the

best days

of your life.”

Hello Friends,

So this morning was not my usual morning I have been on a pretty constant roll of upbeatness lately. I woke up pretty cranky, I had my usual night of sleep my alarm sounded at 5:02 like usual. I just felt groggy ad cranky. I kept on my morning routiene, I drank my water, I changed in to my work out clothes, washed my face, gave myself a quick smile brushed me teeth. I went down stairs and opened up the window so I could heard the chirping birds, I nesseled in to my favorite morning spot on the couch with my two cozy blankets. I began my meditating still feeling off my mind started to drift, I kept on having to keep my focus on keeping a clear mind in and keeping up with my deep breaths.

Then I moved on to my morning affirmations they were not to bad, then my three-year old son woke up crying and in a mood of his own. Then my mood progressed to dwindle, I heard my husbands alarm sound and him shuffling around. I snuggled with my son and continued on with my morning routine I snuggled and kept on my momentum started reading my almost completed book,” The Motivation Manifesto” by Brendon Burchard . Such a powerful, motivating(no pun intended

: )) up lifting read by the way. It has been keeping me solid and motivated for the past month, I am not wanting it to end. But that’s ok I can just reread it a second time with a fresh prespective.

My sons mood was still on the cranky side, my husband took off for his morning run. And then the baby started to cry and my thoughts went to, great there goes my morning and whats the point in even trying to work out. Getting overwhelmed, my husband got home and was getting ready to get in the shower. He came out of the bathroom asking if he had any clean underwear, so I ran down two flights of stairs getting his clean load of laundry I had left in the dryer from the day before. This happens with three children and a house and a part-time job to do. Hey the laundry was washed and dried a huge success right there.

I brough his laundry up and I was keeping my lost in my mind attitude and not as positive as I wished it to be. In a fluster I said to him,” I woke up early to have my morning and now I can’t even do that.” He replied back,” You can’t get mad at them, they are just children.”  He had an upbeatness to him and he even smiled at me.

He boosted me up when I was feeling down, just his smile reminded me of who I was. The thought crossed my mind of skipping my work out for the day. But my husband motivated me so despite my attitude and awake children. “It will help you, you can do it!” I told my self.

My husband off to work, lunch pail, protien shake, and coffee in hand we kissed good-bye . I brought the children and lap top out in my back yard. I got the baby set up in walker and my three year old was still being a whinny guy, I got him a glass of water banana in hand. I put my head phones and favorite Pandora workout music on cranked up the  volume. I popped in a 30 minute work out dvd I made it through the first ten minutes lazily then about eleven minutes in my body woke up. I started looking around in the midst of my work out I took some deep breaths, the fresh air felt so good.

I started moving and getting into my work out more focused, there are a couple of the moves I do not care for so I decided to sub in some free dancing in those spots. So my dorky self not caring a thing surrounded by my boys( mydaughter was still sleeping inside) and tree covered backyard I busted out some moves flailing my arms and legs just listening to the music, without any thought. I think I skipped over three to four minutes of the video but I didn’t care.

The children were content and I was feeling good back to my almost normal self again. I chimed back into the DVD and I busted out some hard-core squat to wood chucks, if you don’t know what this is it’s when you take one weight and squat to one side and use the momentum to throw the weight to the opposite shoulder with some kick behind it.

It felt good and I was flowing with some big time energy. I rocked out my frogging sit ups and side sit ups, I used all of my grumpy energy ad pushed it through my moves. The DVD was done I closed the laptop and listened to my music and just moved around jumped up and down I totally dorked out to my own personal dance party. And guess what my boy were smiling and laughing at me, I was smiling and having fun too!

So if you are having a “bad” morning or day push on through. Keep up your routine you will see you can find your self somewhere along the way. Maybe your mind needs some stimulation so read a book or journal get out whatever is in your mind. Finally these lovley bodies of ours need movement, so get up go for a walk a run or go to the gym do what makes you feel good about yourself. Or you can just have your own dance party in your back yard, my personal favorite!

When your day tries to take you over remember who you are and why you are here. Keep that brilliant and creative mind of yours positive.You can do it, this is your day you are incharge of your beautiful life! Until next time friends!

What Makes You Happy?

What Makes you Happy?

“The secret of being


is accepting where

you are in life and

making the most out of everyday.”


“To be beautiful

means to be yourself.

You don’t need to be

accepted by others.

You need to accept



Hello Friends,

      Have you really took the time out of your ever so busy day to think about what truly makes you happy? No, not what

makes everyone else around you happy, but you? Yes you do matter, you need to remember that. One of my favorite

morning self affirmations is,” I acknowledge my own-self worth, I am kind, I am loving and I am happy.”  It is so easy to get

wrapped up in everyday life that we forget about the most important person making this all possible, you! We need to make

sure we are acknowledging the small things in life that end up being the big things that make this all worth while. We must

make time for ourselves so we can show up better for our spouse, our children, our family, our colleges, our friends, even

our pets. Most of us put everyone else’s needs before our own, it is time for this to stop. We need to pritorize and start

putting our happiness first, some may call this very thought selfish. Those people ovbiously don’t know the true feeling of

happieness feels like. I am here to tell you that happiness is an amazing and completly reachable feeling! Let’s all think

back to a time or a day when you were truly excited and happy. A day when you had no care in the world, can you think of


      It was my last birthday party, we were supposed to have some family and friends over and everyone ended up being

too busy to come. Something people say much to often if you ask me (we will save that one for later), with my new-found

positive attitude and love for myself and life I decided not to let this get me down. Instead I took all of the good that was

surrounding me for my happy day, and may I say a fresh start to the next best year of my life! I looked around it was a

beautiful sunny summery June day, I had my old new-found love of my life/best friend and three redheaded smiling trouble

making children to spend the day with. We did nothing but play, my husband intently smoked and prepared a feast for us.

Our slightly sunburned children splashed in our small pool in our green leafy backyard. I took the day to really

soak them up, to really enjoy each of one of them. Something I would not have been able to do if our house was filled with

other loved ones.

      My daughter loves to be pushed on the swing I think we off and on did that over an hour that day, her genuine

excitement and utter happiness with each push. Her innocents beamed through her crinkle nosed giggles, she is so

beautiful and amazing. “Higher and higher Mommy,” she kept happily exclaiming to me. I just saved that in my mind, now

that is true happiness.

      My son loves the slide, we climbed up the tree house sat and stared at the billowing forest of trees that surrounded us.

Sweetest boy just sat and snuggled me on my lap, I forgot how sweet he is. I get so wrapped up in life I

forget to take them on individually, something I promised myself to do more of. He finally got me to go down their very

narrow steep bumpy slide, I resisted at first and then told myself to lighten up. He went first giggling all the way down, he

was so excited that I was going to be next.  I shot down after he cleared the way so fast I jammed my finger and rolled into

the grass at lightning speed, I immediately started laughing so hard I was almost crying, I am pretty sure I slightly peed my

pants. (All of you Moms can relate to that ) My son thought I was so awesome he smiled and followed me around for most

of the day after that.

      The baby was busy getting into whatever he shouldn’t be getting into, but instead of stressing out about what he was or

was not supposed to be doing I changed my mindset and just followed him around. He eventually made it to the shallow

pool where he was the happiest baby ever, splashing climbing slipping. His chubby cheeks and top four top teeth gleaming

with excitement. To be honest yes I had to make a couple of minor drowning saves, it would not be an afternoon filled

with children if that didnt happen at least once : ).

      My husband cooked an amazing meal he was so proud of himself, plus the food was so good!  At one point we were

sitting under the shade trees holding hands and making out like teenagers. Yes, this is the same couple that months before

would ignore each other for days upon end. Hummm…..being happy can help rekindle love in a drowning relationship?

(Let’s save that one for a different day).

      The day was so carefree we could just relax and be, we were all truly so happy. I am so grateful for that day, I will

cherish it forever. I realized if my “planned day” had gone the way I wanted it to with mass quantities people showing up,  I

would not have had the chance to spend this quality time with my most special and important people in my life. So if

things don’t go as planned, turn the negative into a positive. Think of what good can come out of the situation, and lighten

up some. Let free, try to be childish if you will. Seeing through the eyes of a child is amazing, untainted, fearless, innocent

and utterly happy. Is that so bad after all? And take the time to hold hands, kiss your partner tell them you love them if you

are thinking it. Take the time even if you think you are too busy. Grab them and makeout as careless as teenagers, it feels

good which in turn makes you happy when you feel good. Plus it is not bad for your children to see you showing intense

affections for each other. Find your summery afternoon or better yet start one today, tomorrow, this weekend. Don’t forget

to play, to smile and enjoy your day mostly don’t forget about you. This is your life after all, happiness is in your hands. Until

next time friends!

Get inspired to simplify and organize, gain some mental freedom!

First comes thought; then

organization of that thought, into

ideas and plans; then

into reality. The beginning as you

will observe, is in your



I feel free,

that’s what

I want to feel

everyday of my life.



Hello Friends,

Have you recently stepped into your closet feeling overwhelmed by all of the clutter or dishevelment? Or have you opened up your undergarment drawer and felt the same way? What about your bathroom drawer….kitchen utensil drawer? Look at it feeling overwhelmed by the amount of things or cluttery mess hindering your thoughts of why you were there in the first place?

Let’s free ourselves from this cluttery mess! Why do we hold onto things that we don’t even need? We have this emotional attachment to our, “stuff” we have thoughts or memories that stand in the way of this mind flustering mess.” I got that on sale, I could never get rid of it.”  Why do we try and fool ourselves? “I remember when I wore that shirt to my best friends birthday party.” or “My aunt gave me that bowl.” You know you have said or thought similar thoughts a time or two before.

Start with you bedroom closet, look around do you really need that 3 year old shirt that makes you feel kind of good but kind of bad about yourself? If you have any articles of clothing that the second you put them on,  make you feel slightly uncomfortable or not good about yourself. Free yourself from it, get rid of it! We dont need to be wasting any of our energy on negative thoughts, especially when it comes to our clothes. Your clothes should make you feel good about yourself, you should wear them with confidence and mostly making you feel like the best version of yourself. I have had it in my head that there is someone else out there that that could use my old clothes, maybe they could make them feel happier and better about themselves. So donate it! The odds are pretty strong someone could use your old “Maybe I will wear that one day?” Shirt or pants that just lays stagnant collecting dust with some weird notion that it will bring your back to a certain day or time of your life when you were happier. Or maybe it holds a bad memory, where every time you wear it you are haunted by a bad event or negative thought in your life. So donating your things will in turn will make you feel good about helping out other people, and help yourself gain some mental freedom. Come on this is a win, win.

Next move on to your underwear drawer do the same, if you have some undergarments that fit awkward one time. The odds are they are going to do the same the next time, so get it out of your life. It is liberating and freeing getting rid of the extra baggage that we don’t need, you will be surprised. Let save all of our precious energy on positive thoughts and not waste them on small weird useless negative thoughts.

If you are still feeling motivated move to your main living space and kitchen. Speaking for myself who used to be a borderline hoarder. This past year I owe a great thanks to my sister’s who tried to kindly but abruptly at the same time, in an afternoon spent at my house say,” We love you so much but we can’t even focus on what you are saying all we can do it look at all of your decorations and clutter in your house. It is making us feel anxious.” Of course I kind of thought they were overreacting. But at that time in my life I was having a hard time on focusing or accomplishing anything that did not fall into the line of a basic necessity. Like feeding children, maybe getting them bathed and dressed for the day, doing a mediocre job cleaning my house, making easy super un-healthy meals, getting around to laundry 1 maybe 2 times a week. With a family of five in mind you could imaging the mountainous pile of laundry left for those days?

I open mindedly let them take all of my decorations and useless, knick knacks down off of all the walls and shelves and filled up half of my living room floor with mismatched useless crap. It was unbelievable the amount of stuff I had just in my kitchen and main living room. I had to leave the room a couple times just let it go. I let them sift through what I really needed and what I straight up could not part with. I had these weird attachments to my decorations, why? To be honest I felt super weird for almost three weeks I felt bare even naked with out all of my stuff. I remember my husband got home that night and said,” What are we moving?” That’s how much stuff we got rid of. So if you have someone in your life who is not a borderline hoarding,”thing” attached kind of person. Bring them into your space open mindedly let them help you declutter your life. You will be so surprised at the feeling it brings to your everyday life. Not only you but your children if you have them. If we as grown adults are feeling overwhelmed by, “stuff” imaging how these small innocent people are feeling?

So I am here to inspire you to let go of life hindering useless,”things and stuff” try to take a step back and simplify your life. Yes it might feel weird and awkward for a few weeks, but what is that for your own personal even your family’s mental freedom? So give it a try even if it sounds scary, take a look around you. Do you feel calm do you feel organized? If not it can only help you, I strongly urge you to clean house! It might sound like a lot of work, of course it is going to be. Good things are hard work. I will promise you this, when you are all done ridding yourself of these unnecessary items you will get a rush of accomplishment. That will in turn motivate you to open other doors in your life. Good luck, if I can do it so can you! Until next time friends!

What are you grateful for?

What are you grateful for?

“In our daily lives, we must

see that it is not happiness

that makes us grateful

but gratefulness that makes

us happy.”

-Albert Clark

” When you are grateful,

fear disappears and abundance


-Anthony Robbins

Hello friends,

Here I am another Birthday has come, I am determined this is going to be the best year of my life. 32 here I come! With my new found love for myself, my amazing husband, my wacky loving children and this amazing life, I am unstoppable. I am taking this amazing world at full speed and I am finally so awake, the colors are brighter, my mind is clearer my emotions are awake. I finally feel free to live my life and express who I truly am. With no fear no regret. Thank you to all of you who are joining me on this happiness driven adventure!

I was inspired to write this from a close, sweet, amazingly curly haired woman in my life. She shared a book she was reading, “One thousand gifts” by Ann Voskamp. A book where a woman recorded 1,000 things she was grateful for in her life. I am a strong believer that everything happens for a reason and what perfect timing with my Birthday here. We should recap the past year of our lives. Let us think of all the things we are grateful for? Really dig deep down, take this time to be grateful for your life, your family, your amazing friends, and this beautiful nature filled world.

Let’s take all of the bad and negative thoughts we stew and hold onto, and turn those bad and negative thoughts around. Take it as a life lesson, as a conquer. Take it as one hurdle knocked to the ground but you didn’t get knocked down. Dust your self off set it back up. What do you need to do to get over that leap? Close your eyes take a deep, deep breath, with peace, strengthen and determination visualize yourself going over the notions, affirm to yourself that you can do it. Open up your eyes and do it at your own pace.

This is your life you only have one, let us not wast our positive energy with all of the negative. One of my favorite morning affirmations I say to myself ,” I am grateful for my beautiful life, my thoughts are filled with positivity and my life is plentiful and prosperous. My abilities to conquer my everyday challenges is limitless. My potential to succeed is infinite.”  Give this a try tomorrow morning, wash your face, brush your teeth look at your amazing self and affirm to yourself. The power of affirmation is strong, try and see how your morning goes if it makes a difference. Then try again the next day and the day after that.

This year I am challenging myself to journal 1,000 memories, people, places, things anything worth being grateful for. I invite you to join me, go get a journal if you don’t already have one. Even a spiral notebook will do and delegate a spot with at least 20 pages start numbering 1-50 now if you have one and with out thinking quickly write down 10 things in your life you are grateful for. I will start you out if you are stumped, here are 20 things I am grateful l for this year: the rising sun, my morning time, green leafy trees, chirping birds, my husband, healthy children, myself, love, smiles,  sisters, friends, hugs, kisses, healthy food, water, green grass, rain, thunderstorms, walking, family hikes….Oh wait!!! I almost forgot one of my most favorite indulgences, afternoon coffee drinks with chocolate of course!! : )

So let us make every day count, every day filled with love, happiness, peacefulness and fulfillment. Don’t wait for tomorrow live for today! Until next time friends!

Loving Your Self!

Hello Friends,

My name is Shelly Bond I am a wife and a loving Mother of three freckly redheaded adventures. I have recently changed my entire mindset, life, food, self, and world. I have had a recent life make over. My mind is lighting up with brilliant, amazing thoughts and lets just lay it out there. I have wanted to start a blog but have been afraid. Here I sit 2 AM and can’t sleep. I am bursting with excitement! So I fear no more, I am sharing myself and putting myself out there with no fears just hope and light to inspire other Moms or just regular people feeling lost inside of themselves, just as I once was. I hope to inspire you to become the best version of yourself, because you can do anything you put your mind to believe it or not.

Watching your life just float by in a blink of an eye? I am here to help you wake up to yourself, know that you matter, that you are the most important person in your life and you need to do is to take charge of it! I hope you join me on my own life adventures and my new found love for…myself! “What is that you ask?” You love yourself? Crazy concept huh? That’s right I said myself! I found out through an amazing morning routine life necessity. Where I focus on myself before I get caught up in my crazy ever so busy life full of my sweet husband,children,house,meals,dogs, and life I need to focus on myself so I can show up better for them and mostly better for myself.

We hear it all of the time of how busy we are or how busy we think we are. A well put Mathew Kelly, spoke in his book, The Rhythm of Life: “On the one hand, we all want to be happy. On the other hand, we all know the things that make us happy. But we don’t do those things. Why? Simple we are too busy. Too busy doing what? Too busy trying to be happy.” I know you have said it too. We are all so busy we find the minutes, hours, days flying by and what can you remember accomplishing for yourself? Are you truly happy with your life? Do you really love yourself? Do you find yourself smiling? I find myself clear, happy to be alive and truly excited to wake up and take on my day in a calm and peaceful way. So if you are interested in finding love in yourself and finding happiness and even a few smiles on the way I invite you on my personal journey and invite you to embark on your own on the way. You might just find yourself waking up to your very own life and enjoying it on your way!

I used to view myself as a night person I would stay up until the wee hours of the morning sketching, drawing, watching show upon show and down right loathing the mornings. My children would wake me up around 7-7:30 I would crankly roll out of bed mindlessly rushing around hollering, messing, flustering myself and my children. Frantically throwing cloths on and at my children, sliding a bowl of cereal across the kitchen table. Shouting at them to hurry, hurry, hurry we are running late. This would continue well into the afternoon, some days I would find myself so overwhelmed with life that I would just shut down and sit on the couch thinking of all of the things I needed to get done but not actually doing them because I felt so overwhelmed that I could not accomplish everything. That was the mantra I said to myself on a daily basis. All because of my own lack of personal development and morning motivation.

At this point you are probably, thinking how do you go from that type of person to the type who wakes up at 5:02 AM genuinely excited to be awake? I am not kidding I pop out of bed and go to the bathroom and smile at myself, excited to spend time with me! How did this transform take place you might find yourself asking?

Well this all stunted from a Podcast, my sister was listening to. I kept thinking about it and finally dug in and started listening. What is a podcast you ask? You can upload it to your smart phone under your app store and search for:

The Model Health Show: with Shawn Stevenson Author, Nutritionist, Expert, Coach (Most amazing human, so enthusiastic and genuinely cares about what he says. He speaks to my heart)
Sean focuses on food, sleeping and exercise. Basic things that we as people have swept under the rug. Which in turn I listened to an episode with the Author of the Miracle Morning: Hal Elrod his story just spoke to me. I had this book ordered by the end of the episode, I was so inspired. If you are open minded to a big change in yourself and life. I highly, highly recommenced this life changing amazing book! It focuses on taking the mornings to yourself, starting by:

-Re hydrate from a good nights rest, WATER : )

-Meditate, pray, take pure silence to clear your head it is a lovely way to start your morning.

-Making life goal affirmations and visioning yourself leading the perfect day which in turn helps you focus on your life goals.

-Reading, life inspiring books(Such as this one!)

-Journaling, even if you are not a writer. Just wright what ever is on your mind even if it doesn’t make sense.

-Finally exercise walking, running, going to the gym, a 30 minute workout DVD in your living room.

You will find a new person in yourself with these life changing simple things we can do for our-self to find love with in your own person. They may sound like a lot but it is an experience I am calling it my Calm and Peaceful Mornings, my me time!!

So this is where I started, have an open mind. You don’t have to wake up at 5 AM either, the goal is fitting all of these into your day to develop yourself into the best you! We should all want that for ourselves after all. To find peace, hope and love in ourselves. So just try,over the next month that’s all we can do after all! For a better you a better tomorrow! Try telling yourself in the mirror that you love and accept yourself and see where that takes you. Until next time friends!