Happy Haunted Halloween!

Hello Friends! Halloween is almost here, Hooray! Susanna Leonard Hill’s 5th annual Halloweensie writing contest is upon us! The prerequisites to this contest are as followed:

-A children’s story under 100 words

– The words dark, haunt, and costume must all appear in the story.

-It can be funny, scary or anything in between!

Here is it, hope you enjoy reading as much as I did writing it! HAPPY HAUNTED HALLOWEEN to all!

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The Importance of Other Family

The Importance of Other Family

   Sister Strength

“Women have always been

courageous… they are always

fearless when it comes

to protecting their children and

in the last century they have

been fearless in the fight for

their rights.”

-Isabel Allende

“A sister is a

gift to the heart

A friend to the spirit

And A golden thread

to the meaning of life.”

Hello friends, happy rainy days to all! Have I told you my sisters are my best friends? If you had not already read deep into me. They are not only my sisters, they are my support group, they are a slightly different versions of myself. Each of us brings something different to the table, Jenny is the strong, incredibly, passionate, amazing woman, she is intense about parenting, life, food, health and exercise, at times overbearing,(I love her just the same). Amybeth determined just the same, loving, strong willed, listing, kind. We inspire each other to be a better people, better Women, better Wifes and mostly better Mother’s.

We all need the support of our immediately family as well as the support from other family members or friends. Sometime we need other resources other supports that our immediate family has to offer. These people are huge into us bettering ourselves and living our happiest and healthiest lives, mentally and physically.

My, Jenny

My strongest sister, Jenny, mentally and physically. who I am eighteen months younger than, might I add. Even though if you ask a stranger who they think is the oldest, it never fails they always guess I am the oldest. I must seem more mature than her, is all. Jenny is the most determined and strong willed person I know, she has always been like this. Even in my most distant childhood memory, she was always leading the way, causing the trouble. And naturally I would follow my amazing big sister. We were not super close growing up, but in our adult years we are inseparable.

Jenny is all or none, there is none of this in between business with her. She is an amazing Wife and Mother of four children, she is the reason I did a home birth she is the reason I decided to wake up to my life. She is constantly looking for the bigger picture, how she can better herself as a person, Mother and Wife. She is so passionate about health and fitness, I strive to be like her, she strives to be like me.

We are an amazing team, we bring out the best and sometimes worst in each other but we are always real with each other. We will never let one another down, if one of us slips through the cracks, the other is right there as a spot.  A Mother of four, my best friend, my sister, my inspiration. We are so lucky time was on our side, we were pregnant together three out of the seven pregnancies we shared together. And now raising children at the same time, we are at a whole new level. We help each other give constructive, feedback, or just plain call each other out, in a loving mannerism, mostly. Even when we argue or disagree, we work it out on the spot.

My Lovely Amybeth

And then there is my sweet little sister Amybeth, she is three years younger than me. Some days I still picture her in the basement, one of our many, old houses growing up, she is dancing and singing to Insync on her bed, into her imaginary microphone. With her freckly nose and beautiful coppery red hair. To this day she, still is an amazing dancer. I have to pinch myself, she is almost thirty and a Mother and a new Wife. She is sweet, she is strong, she is caring, she always listens to me when I need to vent, she is oh so present in my life. She has been through many hardships, with a horrid bout of meningitis. She was hospitalized  for three weeks after my daughter, Violet was born. It was horrifying, one of the scariest memories I have. If you are unfamiliar with the disease: Meningitis is an inflammation of the membranes (meninges) surrounding your brain and spinal cord. The swelling associated with meningitis often triggers the “hallmark” signs and symptoms of this condition, including headache, fever and a stiff neck. 10-12% of meningitis cases in the industrialized countries are fatal. 20% of meningitis survivors suffer long-term consequences, such as brain damage, kidney disease, hearing loss, or limb amputation.

In Amybeth’s case one afternoon living with our sister Jenny, her husband and two boys at the time, Amybeth’s symptoms suddenly hit her walking down the stairs. She could barely get an utterance out of her drooling mouth and could hardly drag her body to the car, from the temporary paralysis of the left side of her body.  It scrambled her mind and she has been struggling with it ever since. She overcomes it with her determination and loving heart, she doesn’t let it get in her way, she pushes right on through it. She does because she has to, because she is a Mother, she is a strong Woman, a lovely Wife, and an amazing human, and mostly to me an amazing sister! Jenny and Amybeth are my girls, they are my people, they are my core support group besides Rudy.

We Created A Small Army

I spend many afternoons with a house full of wacky amazing children and these lovely ladies. The best afternoon coffee drinks, nine children between the three of us tangled between our legs, homemade treats, mass interruption, the chaotic messes, and destruction of our adventuresome tribe.

I love the chaos, I look forward to my sister filled afternoons. Our children are more like siblings than cousins, we are so blessed they get to grow up with such a close knit. Speaking of cousins I could never forget my Britty, my pretty much sister she is always in this mix of ladies and with her children a grand total of eleven children, who I was so blessed to be apart of her beautiful wedding day! I love you so much Britty! Jenny and Amybeth are neighbors, by the way, it is so great. We all just congregate from one house to the next, rotating baby naps and children’s feet happily running back and forth from house to house with a trail of toys and crumbs trailing behind.

The Tribe of Ten

Amybeth’s baby, Isla is the youngest of the bunch, she is almost one, my baby, Jack is fifteen months, Jennys one and only girl, Maevey is eighteen months, Milo now is three, Jenny’s youngest boy, Finny, is four. My sweet June, is five this year, Amybeth’s, boy, Ryder just turned six, Stratton is also six and oldest of the bunch is Kelton he is seven, Jenny’s other two boys. There is also my niece Addy, she is three my sister, Melissa’s daughter. With a grand total of ten children, if you lost count don’t worry. Add my cousin Brittys two Ella is seven and Karter is three, and we are up to twelve! I would be surprised if you got it all straight the first time around. I would be downright impressed.

I love these ladies and our wacky full of life tribe of children more than life, they are amazing each and every one of them. I am inspired to be a better Mother, Wife and person in this world, because of them. I don’t think I tell them this enough. I don’t know what I would ever do without them. They are a huge part of my heart and my sanity.

It is so important to have a strong support group of like minded people. This is all part of becoming a better you, the best and happiest version of yourself. I know as a woman I need support, I need emotional support and I need to vent sometimes. In a way my husband, just can’t fulfill or understand in it’s entirety. We are the same gender and there is something to say for that.

I am not saying you have to agree with every word or have to follow in each others every shadow, this is not a cult, these are your people. Individually we can bring our own uniqueness and happiness to the table, we can strengthen and mostly inspire each other to be better.  Disagreements are healthy and always make for memorable conversations, that in turn can unintentionally help build us up into a better versions of ourselves. We need to be there to inspire eacher, to new ideas, to lead each other, to love eachother. And sometimes no words are needed, just a listening ear or a shoulder to cry on. Until next time friends!


Can We Have It All?


The secrete to having it all is


you already do.”


“The happiest people

don’t have to best of everything,

they just make the best of everything.”


Hello Friends,

Is it possible to have it all? Can we be perfect mothers, wives, friends, sisters, striving for a better tomorrow mostly a happier and fulfilled tomorrow? How is it possible to master all of these roles? Speaking from my personal struggles and growths since becoming a mother almost six years ago. Now a days I am taking the time to work on me and finding out what this all means to my everyday life. Researching, reasoning, and reaching out to others to see the actual real life possibilities.

The idealism of our alleged perfection can only exist if and when we are open and willing to it. Lets all change our idealism of what this word perfection means, the actual meaning of this word does not exist in my world. I am pretty sure it does not in yours. Some of us put on great shows and pretend what this idea of perfection may look like. Underneath it may actually be the opposite of what we see externally. There are the very few blessed individuals who have mastered this. I strive to be like you each and everyday, I know all of this work I am putting in is actually taking me somewhere. What does exists in my everyday life is happiness, thoughtfulness, my willingness to grow, learn and mostly to help others.

In each and everyone of our minds, our bodies and our souls we can all strive to be our best version of ourselves. Truly being ourselves and being vulnerable to others and by being authentic, mostly being who you are. You and only you, you as a mother or a father, you as a wife or as a husband, you as a sister, a friend, mostly a loved and trusted individual. The only way this can all come together is if we are giving it our all, being the happiest we can be, looking on the other side in our most positive mannerism.

Everyday is flowing with fresh opportunity’s and chances to start anew. Everyday is a fresh chance to master one of these. Instead of overwhelming ourselves, (which each and everyone of us are guilty of) lets take a moment to slow it down. Lets focus on one thing at a time. Lets spend our energy all of our positive affirmations and amazing thoughts running through our brilliant minds.

To find this balance every day, maybe today we can strive to be the calmest, most patient mother. Tomorrow we can switch roles to being a positive, helpful, listening, caring wife or husband. The next day we can be there for a friend, be there for a family member. When we are at work be at work, leave all of the others at the door and be the best worker we possibly can be. Mostly take the time to be you, these few and far moments are some of the most impactful moments we may not recognize their importance. We matter the most, so make sure you are taking time to become yourself so you can become the best and happiest you.

Next week do this again, but this time give each and everyone of them your all. And again the next week and again the week after that. The idea of all of this is to change our programming from struggles to successes and slowly week after week will subconsciously do this. It is possible, you can do anything you put your mind too. You can do it, I know you can! All we can do is try, if we never try new things we will never change, if we never change there is no room for growth. If there is no growth there is no purpose. So let us all have a purpose. Let us all be stronger today than we were yesterday, an unstoppable force for years and years to come. Now ask yourself one more time, can we have it all? The answer lies within yourself. Until next time friends!

Making A Difference


“Knowing that you are making

a difference even in the life of’

only one person makes everything

you’ve gone through worth while.”

-Shelley Giard

Hello Friends,

All of these changes I have endured this past year of my life. Finally having the courage to share my birth experiences with the world. Through this lovely blog, I was almost in tears that day I released my story. I hit an all time high record of my views. As a matter of a fact I had moms message me weather they had similar stories, even women who were pregnant and were facing fears of C-section. I was terrified to release that story, I wrote it months and month prior to sharing it and pondered the idea of even sharing it. I am so grateful I listened to my heart my sharing actually helped other people, it feels so amazing!

With in this same week one of my clients sat in my chair and was completely down on her unemployment. She was a teacher who loved to teach but had never found that perfect job that made her want to wake up in the morning and go to work. I began sharing about my daughters lovely Waldorf school and how Violet my daughter was settling into to school wonderfully. My client started talking about how she had gone to something crazy like twenty interviews at different schools in all different areas.

She began mentioning how she had a friend with a small connection to a possible job opportunity in Boulder. How she applied for the position and she told me she knew she would never get the job that it was to good to be true. It was at a semi Waldorf inspired school, my client off and on told me there was not a chance in hell she would get this position.

That day, despite her despair I was hyped up about my life. I was sharing with her my morning routine how I have never felt so centered mentally, emotionally, and physically from it. I began sharing with her some of my daily affirmations and how helpful they have been in my everyday life and how I had learned from the ever so wise Bob Proctor to begin affirmations with “I am so happy and grateful now that.” I mentioned “maybe instead of thinking negatively about the job, pretend you already have it.” I  then spoke to her about visualizing herself at the school in that position, and telling herself how happy and grateful now that she has her perfect job which she loves waking up and going to everyday.

Twelve weeks had passes and this same client returned to my chair. She proceeded to thank me and told me she got the job, she had her dream job! It gives me goose bumps all over my body just talking about it. She proceeded to tell me she did exactly as I suggested and she affirmed to herself that she was going to get the job and she visualized her self in the position. It actually worked, she believed she could do it and she did it! It manifested right before her eyes, the power of a positive mind set.

Here I was with this now upbeat client and she proceeded to thank me happily several times and I kept getting goose bumps and even had a few tears one time. My client told me she has never been at a job were there work ethic aligned with everything that she knows and believes the school system to be. I was almost breathless listening to her words and how my words affected this woman’s life.

Always speak your heart and if you are passionate about something, share it! You might not know you are making a difference today, yesterday, tomorrow or even last week. This is what life is all about be yourself, be happy in your life, share your passions, share your love, help others who are down if you are up. In turn it will inevitably make its way back to you just when you need it. We can all make a difference big or small! Until next time friends!

11 Loveliest Things-People Not Counted

Hello Friends,

This Moring as I began reading a chapter on Gratefulness in THE ABC’S OF SUCCESS by the ever so inspiring life motivating Bob Proctor. This chapter jumped out at me and here I am sharing it with you. A little Scottish girl wrote a book titled MY 11 LOVELIEST THINGS-PEOPLE NOT COUNTED the eyes of a child once again prevails. Her lovely little list includes

  1. Dry leaves as you walk through them
  2. The feel of clean clothes
  3. Water running into the bath
  4. The cold of ice cream
  5. Cool wind on a hot day
  6. Climbing up and looking back
  7. Honey in your mouth
  8. Smell of a pie baking
  9. Hot water bottle in bed
  10. Babies smiling
  11. Baby kittens

Oh to be a child, her list is so simple, yet so perfectly descriptive. Hearing the sounds of the hot water bottle in bed shows how dated this little book is. Yet I can close my eyes and imagine how warm and lovely that water bottle would feel. A great challenge for a cool crisp fall morning is to journal today! Start your list of eleven, or get crazy and journal fifteen of your loveliest things, not including people. : ) Things you might over look everyday, things that make it all worth while. Good luck, don’t forget to smile in the process! Until next time friends!