Get Inspired!

“You can only become truly accomplished at something you love. Don’t make money your goal. Instead, pursue things you love doing and do them so well people can’t take their eyes off of you.”

-Maya Angelou

“A professional writer is an ameture who didn’t quit.”

-Richard Bach

Hello Friends, I am feeling a inspired today and wanted to share it with you.

Read to fill your mind with knowledge and inspiration. Write what is inside of your heart, in a journal on a piece of paper. Think of something you want, not something you need something you want. Write it on a scrap paper, in a journal, a note to yourself in your phone. And don’t lose it, keep it near. I have one on my refrigerator and one in the shape as a bookmark both dated 3/17/15. I see them every day. I read them everyday. Those words keeps me going, even on off days.

Think of one thing you could be doing. One thing that could help you get closer to something you want. One thing which could make you feel happier everyday. Write it down and stick it somewhere you can see it. Read it, and read it again, and then slowly start doing it. And keep doing it!

When you don’t think you have anything left draw, a line, a scribble,a scratch.


Make a mark on a piece of paper, it’s still art. Splatter paint, finger paint, blow bubbles, sidewalk chalk, walk, run as fast as you can. Because you can! Stop and smell the flowers, watch the sunset. Laugh even when it’s not funny, make it funny, laugh until it hurts your face so bad you have to rub away you cheek cramps. This is your life live it every day. Don’t quit keep going you can do whatever you put your mind to! Persistence, patience and more patience! Lots of love and strength and inspiration!