Hilarious Things My Kids Say And Do!

I decided to switch up my blog for a while and focus on hilariously naughty things my kids say and do. The things my children get into and say are sometime unbelievable. Sometimes I find myself in hysterics. The things they get into or words jumping out of their mouths. They are much too good I can’t go any longer without out sharing! And of corse my sharing would’nt be complet with out a fun illustration or two!


Lets begin with last night, while I was making dinner my two-year old Jack was wandering around with a watering can. Filling up and dumping out rocks and dirt. Of course it was in the lawn and the garden, everywhere except where they belong. Why wouldn’t they be? The key here he was happy and content, so I could get dinner made. But where were the big kids you ask?

Well I asked myself this same question. The house was quiet it was too quiet. I gave them the benefit of my doubts for roughly five minutes. And then my mom intuition chimed in. I could feel something bad was happening.

I ran up the stairs and what did I find? Not in their bedroom, not in Jack’s bedroom, not in their bathroom, not in our bedroom. Only one last place to hide, our room. They weren’t in the room or in the closet. But ah ha! The bathroom door was locked. Bingo I found them! I knocked on the door. I heard laughing and feet scurrying around.

“Milo and June please unlock the door.” I told them as I knocked and waited for the doorknob to jingle. And then feet scampered back into place.

I opened to door to a nail polish party. It wreaked like polish, there was a towel flopped on the ground with at least six open nail polishes. There was streaks and drops and drips all over the place including the wall. One good outcome of this situation was the kids toenails and top of their feet were successfully painted. With every color you could imagine. After I came to, there seemed to be sacked up clumps of toilet paper scattered all over the floor.

“What in the heck are you two doing?” I grabbed my head soaking up my surroundings. They knew right away they were in big trouble. I follow with something about how they don’t polish without me. Sad faces immediately followed. Their happy polish party was ended. I sent them to bed until dinner time.

When I went back to the sight, all of the lids were off there was even a small polish pool and of course I had no remover to help. When I went back to check on them I could hear June yelling.

“Naughty, naughty, naughty!” I popped my head in.

“Don’t yell at him it’s both of your faults!” I told her.

“I am yelling at myself.” She sobbed. I felt a little bad and then my memory was refreshed. Lesson self learned.

When you find yourself in a quiet home you know you children are probally up to no good. Until next time!

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