30 Day Writing Challenge!

30 Day Writing Challenge!

“If a story is in you

it has to come out.”

-William Faulkner

“No one can tell your story

so tell it yourself. No one can write your story

so write it yourself.”


Hello Friends!

Have you ever pondered writing a book? Have the thoughts ever came and escaped from your mind from one time to the next? Well this month is your chance to finally do it! November is National Novel writing month for all writers, aspiring writers, or even people who want to free some thoughts from their busy minds! I know we are a few days into the month, but better late than never! The official challenge is to write a 50,000 word novel in one month! Pretty intense, I know we can do it! If you are new to this as most of us may be, we can lessen our word count. Start with 30,000 words and see where it takes you.

My challenge to you is to dedicate at least thirty minutes per day to writing. The hopes of this thirty minutes is getting ourselves inspired and the thirty may turn into an hour and an amazing feel good new found hobby.

Let’s get started! Think to yourself what you have always wanted to write about? Every great book starts with one idea, only one.

Have you always wanted to write a silly chapter book for your children to read? Maybe a book for pre teen children to read? I know I read the Twilight series years ago and loved every minute of it! Or maybe you are a daydreamer with an amazing story to share. Choose the age group you would like to write for. If none of these sound appealing to you, you could write something only for yourself to read.  You can create a journal/memoir type novel about your life stories. Making you love your life stories! ( I had to throw that one in there. : ))

In this challenge we are not to go back and edit our work. Let your mind go free from page to page. Write your heart out! If you find yourself in a writers block like state, stop what you are doing. Move your body around, do some jumping jacks, take a quick walk outside, make a coffee drink, a tea, have a healthy snack and try again. I find standing when I write to be much more productive for me! So boost up your laptop on the kitchen counter, something high enough so you are not straining yourself. Or cozy up on the couch, go to the library, a great coffee shop, find a lovely quite place you feel comfortable at and start writing!

Let’s get our creative juices flowing, and accept this challenge! This is a great opportunity to free our minds and make something memorable for ourselves, our loved ones, and who knows the possibilities? Even the new next big time novel!

Use your imagination, free your mind. I know you can do it! Ready set write!Until next time friends!