Create An Inspiring Life Letter!

Create An Inspiring Life Letter!


the things you are most afraid of

are the things that make

you the happiest.”


“Don’t prepare the path for the child

prepare the child for the path.”


Hello friends,

Are you living a truly happy and fulfilled life? Each day do you wake up in the morning looking at yourself in the mirror and do you smile with real happiness? Some days yes and some days no. How do we get this fulfillment and happiness? How do we create these amazing versions of ourselves that each and everyone of us is so deserving of? Well we have to start making today, yesterday, tomorrow and next week count thats how!

If you are a Mamma or have any form of children in your life, look to these amazing little creatures of ours for motivation and inspiration. Watch how full of life and how much happiness is magically transcended through them. Our children should give us more drive than anything. Children seep inspiration and joy, they carelessly play and smile, they truly feel every emotion, every feeling so intently. How they smile, run and play, play and play. We need to show our children that when we work hard at life we can be who we want to be and we can do the things that we want to do. Can is the operative word here, not have to.

I know in my past I have used my children as an excuse, hindering me from reaching my life goals. Today these children are not an excuse they are not hindering us, today our children are our reason they are giving us the will and power to do better. We need to show these amazing little people how they can truly be whoever they want to be when they grow up.

Now comes one of my favorite friends again, journaling, one of my favorite mind freeing hobbies. Grab your pen and lovely journal or if you are more of a computer person you can make an online journal or email yourself. Write yourself a letter one year from today, write your letter to yourself with you accomplishing every goal and dream you have been affirming and envisioning yourself doing. This time makeĀ it count! Start out with “I am so happy and grateful now that…” and let you mind go free. Even if you have the highest goals, goals that you may think today are unattainable. You can overcome what ever excuse you have made for yourself. We rarely realize that we are our own worst enemies we hinder ourselves from so much, stop doing this to yourself. This is up to you and you only if you are open to it.

Put your, oh so attainable goals on your paper or email and give them meaning and feel them when you are writing them. When you are done writing you inspiring life letter, read it aloud and see how it makes you feel.

I did this three months ago and it is empowering, it has motivated me to do things that I thought I could not do and you can do this too. Once you have this down on paper you have now have it intellectually, your mind will be programed to get towards these goals. Next write an accomplishments list, each and every accomplishment that you have made in your life write them down. Most of us focus on all of our bad doings or negative past experiences, let’s make this stop today. If you catch yourself reflecting to bad past experience, stop yourself. Change your train of thought over to your good doings, your amazing accomplishments. Now what steps do you need to take on a daily basis to accomplish these goals and keep filling in that list of accomplishments? Slowly every day or every week make it a priority to take a steps.

Keep your life letter and your amazing accomplishment list at your nightstand, your work space, your bathroom, somewhere near and use it as a constant reminder as an inspiration to yourself. Look at your children, your friends children your family and see the beauty these amazing creatures bring to our everyday lives. I challenge you to better yourself to find a happier you and make a happier life for your family. Please share your life letter to your friends and if you are brave enough, please share your letter with me I would love to see it below in the reply box. You sharing is a step closer not only self inspiration, also to leading inspiration to others. Good luck you can do it! Until next time friends!