My Drawing Journey!





Hello Friends!

Here I am another week later, another week stronger and more determined to change to world through my art and words. I have make it more than halfway through my new favorite self teaching book DRAWING ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE BRAIN 4th edition by Betty Edwards. I have came to some big time challenges and break through with this book. Making me really second guess myself and my knowledge of what art is. Until this book I was so intimidated by drawing most everything that wasn’t a cutesy little cartoon image I came up with. Hands were frustrating, understanding how to correctly draw a room was even more so. Until now that was. : )

This book is life changing! I can feel myself shifting from left brain mode to right brain mode. It is a game changer. Try to see if you can feel the shift with the Vases/Faces illusion made famous in 1915 by a Danish psychologist Edgar Rubin.


In this image you might find yourself asking what you are looking for? If you really focus in black you will see two facing profiles and if you make the shift you will see in white a curvy vase. Mind boggling isn’t it? If you are up for an even bigger challence grab a clean piece of paper and #2 pencil and try drawing this picture. If you are right handed draw the left side and if your are left handed draw the right side. Use your hand or a piece of paper to cover the opposite and copy the lines exactly as you see them. Next draw horizontal lines across the top and bottom forming the shape of the vase. Now move the the other side. This is where a little confusion might ring in. Now in proportion draw the other side of the face naming all of the parts. Forehead, eye, nose, space between nose chin. About half way down you might find yourself in more confusion. So you were told to create a face out of a vase. Sounds impossible. When you are finished shade in the facing profiles and look intently at the faces and now at the vase. Now you have got it! Your brilliant mind is making the shift between right and left mode. Can you feel it? And it wasn’t as intimidating if you can slow down and break down the lines and see how the shapes curve and move.

This is one of several activities/lessons brought to blow your mind and make you more aware to the lines of the world. I never would have thought I could learn this much at my age. My lesson is never put limitations on ourselves. Books are a necessity to being the best version of ourselves. I spent under $15 ( I found this book on Amazon and it was on my doorstep in two days!) on what I could imagine being a several thousand dollar art class. In the last two weeks I have grown so much as a person, an artist, a writer, even as a mother. I am looking at everything in a whole new way. The world is a bunch of lines and shapes and there is so much light and darkness and feeling to everything. Bonus I am seeing results and expanding my art portfolio!

Here are some of my new works! A chair, to the viewer you may think oh that’s a nice looking chair. But to the artist, wow! The negative space, the shapes the curves so much to it. Have you ever actually sat down and tried to draw a chair that looks real? Look at the negative spaces between the legs and the back of the chair? I never had before. It was challenging even with the instruction. There was so much to it, I can’t believe I drew this, and now I can draw furniture that looks real!

This lesson was so far was my toughest challenge, I must have drawn on my picture plane at least sixteen times. And no exaggeration there. I sat on my kitchen floor with crumpled up upon crumpled up saran wrap balls. I was sweating, I was swearing, I was second guessing if I could even do it. I was second guessing the lesson. My brain was going back and fourth from left to right mode. My eyes were losing focus. And then I had a breakthrough after my border lint panic attack I began seeing. I began really looking at the chair and I started really drawing everything that I was seeing. After the toil there was light and relief! The exercise said to give yourself one hour and this took me a little over three hours over a two day span. Of course having three children uninterrupted time and with my melt downs combined with theirs I would say three hours was not too shabby! : ) So after everything here is what I drew with love and frustrations and growing in mind!

Wooden chair.

Chair drawing

My hand holding an eraser.

hand drawing

My hallway done from a one point perspective.

one point perspective

My living room from a two point perspective.

2 point perspective living room


I hope you all will be inspired to see the world in it’s beauty of lines, shapes colors, darkness and lightness. I inspire you to find books bring daily enjoyment and challenges to your life. Find hidden talents that might not be as much talent as they are a learned and taught skill. Look around your house you see it every day, but are you really looking? And look at the people around you, are you really seeing them? Look into their eyes and see the light beam across, the freckle on their cheek, the pink in their cheeks. Look at the wrinkles in your hand and all of the lines following they are beautiful. Until next time friends!

June finished Portfolio