One Last Trick

Hello Friends! I have decide to come out from behind the towers of moving boxes, take a break from scrubbing baseboards. I have the perfect excuse to write and make myself be creative! I can’t hold back my excitement any longer because it’s Susanna Leonard Hill’s 6th annual Halloweensie contest, finally! Last year was my first year entering this short story contest and it was a hoot! So I decided to join the festivities once again.

In this writing contest the story must geared towards young readers, mine is for 3-7 year olds hence the name Halloweensie!(A fun play on Halloween). The story can be spooky, it can be silly, it can be anything in between, but it must be clear it is on Halloween and it must be 100 words or less! Only 100 words people! It has been quite tricky and so fun! I had a blast writing and re-writing stories for this contest. Happy fall, Happy Halloween, happy pumpkin patching, happy costume hunting, happy treat eating, happy happy everything! I hope you enjoy reading as much as I did writing! Wish me luck!

One Last Trick (100 word count)


Shelly Bond

“Drink my witches brew and funny things will happen to you.” A black hat wearing

Brazelda cackled to a bat.

Under the moon, Bat gulped every last drop. Magically, Bat poofed into a child on

Halloween night.

“Now go!” Brazelda ghostly commanded.

“Trick-or-treat.” Bat fooled humans in a spider costume.

House by house, treats grew in Bat’s bag. Bat had a trick of his own.

Brazelda reappeared.

“Now shriek with delight into the night!” Poof! Bat was a bat.

Suddenly Brazeld snatched the bag full of rocks and flew off.

“One last trick.” Bat smirked as he devoured his treats.




Get Inspired!

“You can only become truly accomplished at something you love. Don’t make money your goal. Instead, pursue things you love doing and do them so well people can’t take their eyes o…

Source: Get Inspired!

Get Inspired!

“You can only become truly accomplished at something you love. Don’t make money your goal. Instead, pursue things you love doing and do them so well people can’t take their eyes off of you.”

-Maya Angelou

“A professional writer is an ameture who didn’t quit.”

-Richard Bach

Hello Friends, I am feeling a inspired today and wanted to share it with you.

Read to fill your mind with knowledge and inspiration. Write what is inside of your heart, in a journal on a piece of paper. Think of something you want, not something you need something you want. Write it on a scrap paper, in a journal, a note to yourself in your phone. And don’t lose it, keep it near. I have one on my refrigerator and one in the shape as a bookmark both dated 3/17/15. I see them every day. I read them everyday. Those words keeps me going, even on off days.

Think of one thing you could be doing. One thing that could help you get closer to something you want. One thing which could make you feel happier everyday. Write it down and stick it somewhere you can see it. Read it, and read it again, and then slowly start doing it. And keep doing it!

When you don’t think you have anything left draw, a line, a scribble,a scratch.


Make a mark on a piece of paper, it’s still art. Splatter paint, finger paint, blow bubbles, sidewalk chalk, walk, run as fast as you can. Because you can! Stop and smell the flowers, watch the sunset. Laugh even when it’s not funny, make it funny, laugh until it hurts your face so bad you have to rub away you cheek cramps. This is your life live it every day. Don’t quit keep going you can do whatever you put your mind to! Persistence, patience and more patience! Lots of love and strength and inspiration!

Family Vacation Meets Tropical Storm

Family Vacation Meets Tropical Storm

“Palm trees

oceans breeze

salty air, sun kissed hair

endless summer

please take me there.”

Hello my long lost Friends!

So we did it our family of five successfully took our first out of state vacation! I have to admit at first I fought the sound of taking our three small children to the ocean. Mostly because of my own anxieties. If you read my old blog about falling down the falls you can relate to my fears. Afters months of convincing, my husband calmed my nerves and I booked our flights and we were finally off to tropical sunny Florida! Well our trip wasnot so sunny.

Our trip to the airport began at 2:30 AM and the kids did better than I expected. Well the big ones were thrilled at being up in the middle of the night. When I woke them up they thought it was Christmas morning. Partaking in their own personal snack bags, a car ride, a bus ride, a train ride, moving stairs, and moving floors, a plane ride! They love all of it. The air line separated our family, I guess five seats is much too many to be together. It was Rex and our four year old Milo near the cabin and yours truly with our six year old daughter and our two year old son in the far seats near the the bathroom.

It was the worst plane ride you could imagine. Jack was screaming this blood curdling scream trying to escape any chance he could get. The cabin pressure was to much for the little guy. I felt so bad, luckily we were seated next to a calm, and kind man. But we survived and of course my husband and older son were on the gravy train snoozing up the entire flight, that’s usually how things work out : ).

Once we finally got to our VRBO (Vacation rental by owner). By the way if you have never used one of these I highly recommend them, especially if you have children. It is your home away from home, making traveling so much smoother and convenient! Our vacation rental was equipped with an amazing pool and hot tub. The kids were thrilled, open the sliding glass door directly to a pool! We quickly made ourselves at home and the big kids became master noodle swimmers. They were having the time of their lives. Watching their faces every time they jumped into the water was priceless. June kept asking where the family was who lived there, where was the girl? Quite the concept living in someone else’s house when they are not.

june ocean flordia 2016

When we arrived we seemed to find ourselves in the midst of a tropical storm. My husband being 34 and never seeing the ocean was determined no matter what we were going to see it. We did it, loaded up the rented minivan and we finally we made it and the ocean through the pounding rain and hours of driving. The water was raging! It was beautiful and scary and intense.

ocean milo sea shells flordia 2016

We kept out of the water. The kids were thrilled to be there, they immediately went on a sea shell hunt. Two days of swimming pool parties and fresh fish and family fun we found ourselves in the same boat. Traveling over an hour to a raging ocean it was intense, under ten minutes in the rain, crashing waves, dark muddled skies and Jacks blanket was gone in the blink of an eye. Pounded by rain we loaded up our wet sandy bodies and drove back through the island. The further back we drove, the calmer the water. We found a spot where the sun broke free and we got to enjoy one of mother nature’s true beauties. The ocean! And then in another blink of an eye Jacks new glasses were gone. The ocean struck once again. The poor guy : ( we just found out he has astigmatism is both eyes. So bad, his vision is completely blurred without his glasses. I almost let this ruin everything but my amazing husband calmed me and assured me Jack would be fine.

ocean flordia mi and june

I turned 33 a couple of days later, had a relaxing day and yummy drinks and dinner. We returned home the next day after another arduous day of traveling. A grand total of 12 hours later. Longest travel day ever! Yikes!

celebrating life image

My lesson and advice from this trip is go with the flow and enjoy yourself. Even if you are facing fears of traveling, anxieties of waters. Or whatever it maybe, what we internalize usually is not as bad as we perceive it to be. Live your life, enjoy nature, try to see through your childrens eyes and you will find many pieces of happiness! Lot of love from my family to yours and happy summer to you all!

family vacation fam pic flordia 2016




Hilarious Things My Kids Say And Do!

I decided to switch up my blog for a while and focus on hilariously naughty things my kids say and do. The things my children get into and say are sometime unbelievable. Sometimes I find myself in hysterics. The things they get into or words jumping out of their mouths. They are much too good I can’t go any longer without out sharing! And of corse my sharing would’nt be complet with out a fun illustration or two!


Lets begin with last night, while I was making dinner my two-year old Jack was wandering around with a watering can. Filling up and dumping out rocks and dirt. Of course it was in the lawn and the garden, everywhere except where they belong. Why wouldn’t they be? The key here he was happy and content, so I could get dinner made. But where were the big kids you ask?

Well I asked myself this same question. The house was quiet it was too quiet. I gave them the benefit of my doubts for roughly five minutes. And then my mom intuition chimed in. I could feel something bad was happening.

I ran up the stairs and what did I find? Not in their bedroom, not in Jack’s bedroom, not in their bathroom, not in our bedroom. Only one last place to hide, our room. They weren’t in the room or in the closet. But ah ha! The bathroom door was locked. Bingo I found them! I knocked on the door. I heard laughing and feet scurrying around.

“Milo and June please unlock the door.” I told them as I knocked and waited for the doorknob to jingle. And then feet scampered back into place.

I opened to door to a nail polish party. It wreaked like polish, there was a towel flopped on the ground with at least six open nail polishes. There was streaks and drops and drips all over the place including the wall. One good outcome of this situation was the kids toenails and top of their feet were successfully painted. With every color you could imagine. After I came to, there seemed to be sacked up clumps of toilet paper scattered all over the floor.

“What in the heck are you two doing?” I grabbed my head soaking up my surroundings. They knew right away they were in big trouble. I follow with something about how they don’t polish without me. Sad faces immediately followed. Their happy polish party was ended. I sent them to bed until dinner time.

When I went back to the sight, all of the lids were off there was even a small polish pool and of course I had no remover to help. When I went back to check on them I could hear June yelling.

“Naughty, naughty, naughty!” I popped my head in.

“Don’t yell at him it’s both of your faults!” I told her.

“I am yelling at myself.” She sobbed. I felt a little bad and then my memory was refreshed. Lesson self learned.

When you find yourself in a quiet home you know you children are probally up to no good. Until next time!

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