Drawing My Heart Out!

Drawing My Heart Out!

Hello Friends!

Here we are another week longer, and yet another week stronger, mentally, physically, all of the above. Not complete of course without a few bumps in the road. My mind has been a thunderstorm lighting up with excitement at the moments I get to draw.

Here I am at the end of my drawing book “Drawing On The Right Side Of  The Brain”. I have been finding myself lingering on the last 30 pages. I don’t want to finish it, it is that good! I have learned so much. Here is my before drawings of my husband, hand, and myself portrait.


I am seeing everything so different. Learning is such an amazing thing. With huge growth inside and out. I am seeing so much more beauty to my everyday life. I know each and everyone of us take the beauty of the world for granted. We are so used to what we are used to seeing.

The next time you are talking to someone anyone, take a moment to  really look at them. Again really try to notice them. See how their hair parts off to the side. Look at the flecks of color in their eye. Try to really notice all of the lines in their lips and the shape of their eyes, how the light reflects off of certain spots. After I started really seeing I started creating real art. Here is my self portrait done three weeks after.


It is amazing to really see everything in its entirety! Before this lesson we were instructed to do a profile drawing of a real life model. It was hard getting a model who would sit for an entire hour. But I finally found my lovely Cousin Britty! And here she is, after roughly four redraws, adding some charcoal and erase lines later and here is what I produced!

Profile of Britty

She turned out beautiful. After these lessons I started really looking at everything in a hole new way. For instance how blue the sky is and how many different shades the clouds are, the sky is so beautiful and I have just starting really seeing it. I live near the front range, the beautiful Rocky Mountains and I have looked at those ever familiar mountains a million times. I can now see all of the lines and the shades that surround them. They are breathtaking, and I know people always say that. This time I actually grasp those words.

I encourage you to look up and look around at what has always been there right in front of your eyes.  All we have to do is see what is right in front of us. It has been there all along.

With all of this beauty combined with my lighting storm of a brain I have produced some of my best works. All bring me so much more fulfillment, happiness, and closer to a better more passionate and improved me.

I hope you are seeing more today, smelling the flowers, feeling the wind blow on your face.Watching the world transform into a green wonderland, with blossoming trees and colorful flowers emerging from the ground. Spring is in full effect and I can’t wait for what it has to bring.

Today really try noticing how beautiful this world is, go outside now that it is warm enough for many outdoor adventures. Use nature or art or people for daily inspirations. All of these thing can uplift us all, the world is our canvas and our eyes and our ears and our skin are a sponge and our mind is the paint brush! So get out there and get inspired to be the best, happiest, most amazing version of yourself you can be! Until next time friends!








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