These Are The Things That Make Me HAPPY!




“The secret to happiness is freedom

and the secret to freedom is courage.”

-Bob Proctor

“So live courageously and love the life you live everyday!”

-Yours truly


Hello Friends!

Today I wanted to share the things that bring me happiness everyday. And something I have heard at least three times in the last couple of weeks is staying true to my heart. In this case pertaining to my writing. If I don’t feel it deep down, it will never have meaning and without true meaning I can not help people.

With that said I am going to be focusing on things from my heart. Some days are filled with things I used to let hinder me, I decided a few months back to change my train of thought. I flipped and turn my stressors into happy times. Of course I am a human and I have my moments but it has been working wonders in my home. So here is a list of things that are true to my heart, bringing me happiness everyday.

Waking up at 5am, to a dark and quiet house

Writing, drawing, reading in a quiet house. Staying true to my heart and feelings of the day.

Getting my sweat on and moving my body. I have been hooked on these Youtube workouts lately they are called Blender Fitness and have been getting me into shape big time! I feel so much more alive after I work out and in return I feel happier too!

Hearing feet coming down the stairs, and sleepy children rubbing their eyes not quite ready to be awake. Since mom is awake they must too. And it’s ok!

Morning and night-time snuggles and kisses are always a favorite.

Water and lots and lots of it!

Reading children’s books to myself even better to my children and watching their little expressions.

Writing for any reason, freeing my mind and my soul.

Learning how to write better!(Fire, fire, flicker light, fire burning throughout the night!)

Chocolate in the afternoon, even better. Evening tea drinks and chocolate bars with my love, Rex. Sitting next to him holding hands. Getting butterflies when he makes me feel complete. Brushing his hair off of his forehead with my fingers. Butterfly moments!

Making up characters in my head and drawing pictures of them.

To the Zoo Biddy Bia_0001-page-003

Learning how to draw better! YouTube videos are amazing just for this.

Hot Tea, and getting to drink it hot. Coffee drinks with my sisters.

Studying and researching. It is funny all of the time I was in school I pretty much hated it. Now I find myself loving to study. I love reading and learning new things. I sometimes test myself to make sure I remember what I have read. My brain is an amazing sponge these days. I am so grateful for this!

Carrots with cinnamon cashew butter!(Saigon cinnamon is the best) Yummy my favorite!

Writing on this blog, there is something freeing about it. I feel I can be myself without fear of judgment. I love being able to write whatever is on my mind.

Smiles, scrunchie faces, grinding teeth, booger faces, screaming fits.


My almost two-year old eating dog poop and then slipping in it : ) Extra happy moment!

Shopping with three children, three five gallon water jugs to fill and a cart full of groceries. My super mom moment. Jack on my front pack. June and Milo filling up the first two jugs and me power lifting each full judge into the cart with a 28LB boy on my front. That deserves a golden star if you ask me! Quite the wonder woman moment. This was yesterday and I succeeded the job with lots of patients. I returned home and did not forget one thing from my list. Yes I even impressed myself. I am pretty sure I gave myself a mental high-five.

Mornings with my sisters in a house filled with children, messes, noises and poopy diapers.

I could keep this list going for another three pages but I am sure you are catching my drift. Let us all turn our not so happy moments into happy moments. Enjoy what we have and work at making it better. Lots and lots of love to each and every one of you who take the time to read my blog and giving me a happy adrenaline rush. A high of self-worth that I am doing this. I am living my life, I am being my best self, I am writing despite rejections. I am taking advice and rewriting. I am not giving up, I have even more of a reason to strive to be better because I have courage and love in my heart. I know I can do it day by day. And so can you. Challenge yourself today and for the rest of this month. When you feel you are going to lose your mind at an uncomfortable or unexpected situation. Stop take a breath maybe even smile and look at it from a different perspective. An don’t forget to listen to your heart, don’t ever ignore what lies within you. With all of my love. Until next time my friends!

To the Zoo Biddy Bia_0001-page-011















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