Falling Down Bridal Veil Falls


Hello Friends,

I wanted to share a life experience with you all. It happened when I was 23, almost ten years ago, it is a pretty amazing story and can’t believe it actually happened to me. Here it goes!

There my husband, Rex and I were with the cool splash of the mountain breeze at the base of Bridal Veil falls. With my new hiking boots we went off trail and began hiking up the face of the falls. Closer and closer our boots moved to the four tiered falls. I began moving faster and faster. As my feet were almost running an image of me sitting next to the falls framed and hung on my wall was all my mind could see. The same moment my new hiking boot stepped on that slippery, moss covered rock  I heard Rex’s voice. “Don’t step on that rock!” His words were moments too late.  I could hear his voice echoing through the mountain air.

I lost my footing, I was immediately sucked into the three tiered raging waterfall. I felt as if I were dreaming. My body somehow was flipped around with no chance for realization or pain. Facing the sky I was pushed off of the first tier, it felt as if I were on an amusement park ride.

There was no chance for fear, nothing to grab onto, nothing to stop me from flying again. It almost felt exhilarating, it was happening so quickly. I was leaping feet into the air again and again before I had any chance to react.

Again I was hurtled into the air. I gasped for a breath.

Moments later I was by some small miracle shoved to the side of the last drop of the falls. One more swift move and I would have been hurtled to my death down the 120 foot drop to the base of Bridal Veil falls. There I was off to the side, submerged in rapid icy waters covering my legs almost to my breasts. I began to come to and realize what had happened. I looked up, I scanned from side to side. Straight ahead of me was a ledge where the water was smooth and calm. I looked down to my legs they were a scratched up bloody mess, my shin had formed some scary looking knob.

I took a deep breath. To my right was a raging waterfall trying every bit to push me down.

Freezing and slightly in shock I began planning in my head. I was going to scooch with my hands and butt away from the rapid waters. I was going to the calm ledge where I could safely cross to the other side. When suddenly the familiar sounds of my husbands voice echoed in my ears. What was beneath that calm ledge was a 120 foot drop that would have surely pummeled me to my sudden death.

I was already moving my body forward. “Stay where you are.” Rex nervously yet firmly shouted. I began to shiver and trusted every word he said. He ripped off his backpack and carabiner, untied his sweater from his waist. Quickly and efficiently he made a long rope. He tied and tied. He did not let me out of his sight.

There he towered high above me and what seemed miles away. On the opposite side of the raging falls he stood strong and determined.

“Grab a hold of this!” He flung his home made rope at me, I could not reach it. He flung it harder and faster it finally reached to my hand. I grabbed it and scooched towards to raging fall within one arm’s length from me. The freezing waters pierced my quivering skin. The raging water was trying it hardest to get rid of me. I wouldn’t let it, I was not going to give up.  I finally made it close enough to the other side of the fall.

Rex tried pulling me up, but alas he couldn’t. I tried using my new boots again. I couldn’t. The moss covered, soaking wet rock was much to slippery to get any sort of grip. He tried at least three more times. The water was getting colder and colder and was pushing my body harder and harder. Our adrenalin was in full speed he used every muscle in his body to pull me up. We locked eyes, with his strength and my quivering legs.

He pulled and pulled, I slippery stomped my way up the giant rock. Finally my husband my Love, my hero freed me from the falls. I almost crumbled down the giant rock where we stood. He picked me up and held me.

We both hugged each other as it was our last. We began crying and hugging the words were a blur. I was grateful, scared. He saved me, he saved my life.

WOW! My life lesson on this story is no matter how expensive and shiny your new shoes are we are never invincible. There is a reason there are trails and off trailing is never a good idea. My husband is an amazing man I owe so much to him, thank you for being there with me that day. Mostly thank you for saving my life so we can have our sweet babies and I can live this amazing life of mine!

If you have any life changing stories or moments you would like to share please share. Until next time my Friends!

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