Christmas Story Time!

Hello Friends,

This holiday season would not be complete without me writing a lovely little Christmas story! So snuggle up by the fire, corral the children, blow the steam off of that extra hot, hot chocolate (for the adults add some Bailey’s Irish cream : ) )stuff your face full of chocolates and delicious Christmas cookies.


Its Susanna Hill’s 5th annual Holiday writing contest. The guidelines are, it must be a holiday story beginning with any version of “Rocking around the Christmas tree at the Christmas party hop.” We are free to use the actual opening of the song or add any verb or preposition of our choice. The story is for children 12 years and younger and it may be no more than 350 words. So much wiggle room compared to the Halloween contest, Happy day!

Here it is my friends I hope this story brings some holiday cheer to your day, ENJOY!



Boping Around The Holidays (350 Word Count)


Shelly Bond


Boping around the holidays on our Christmas break.

We can do whatever we want because we have no school.

Nothing will stop the three of us with the smell of cinnamon in

the air.


Our breath fogs up the glass as we watch the snowflakes fly.

My little brother Milo grabs us by our hands.

“Let’s GO GUYS!” He shouts.

Outside the door I hear the sparkles calling my name.

“June! June! Come and play with us!”

We run and I fall backwards my body crunches in the snow.

I move my arms and legs as I catch a snowflake on my tongue.

A freezing ball wacks my cheek.


“SNOWBALL FIGHT!” Jack shrieks.

I pack one down and throw it back, white balls are flying



We bop inside, something smells delicious.

Mom is in the kitchen baking, the counters are full of sweet



Gingerbread, snickerdoodle, and chocolate chips galore.

We fill our pockets and stuff our faces until we almost explode.

Mom shakes her finger at us. “That’s enough you three!”

She turns around and we sneak a little more.


If you can’t find us, just follow the crumb trail under the kitchen


A tummy ache won’t stop us three we are on a mission!


We giggle and laugh and run around

how I love this time of year.

The Christmas music blasts so loud. “Shake your booty!” I

happily exclaim.

All of sudden the doorbell rings and in floods our family.

Smiles and sweaters and wet snow boots are stomping on the



It’s Christmas break and we won’t stop until the lights are dim.


“Snatch the eggnog.” Milo whispers and we scurry behind the tree.

We pass the carton around, and glup until it’s gone.

“Ha, ha, ha! You look like uncle Kip!” I laugh at Jack’s milk mustache.


Our bellies are full and we gaze at the Christmas tree.

Oh the lights they are shining so bright.

We stare and stare and stare a little more.


Boping around the holidays on Christmas break

we can hardly wait for Christmas day to finally be here!



Happy, happy holidays Friends, until next time!









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