Making A Difference


“Knowing that you are making

a difference even in the life of’

only one person makes everything

you’ve gone through worth while.”

-Shelley Giard

Hello Friends,

All of these changes I have endured this past year of my life. Finally having the courage to share my birth experiences with the world. Through this lovely blog, I was almost in tears that day I released my story. I hit an all time high record of my views. As a matter of a fact I had moms message me weather they had similar stories, even women who were pregnant and were facing fears of C-section. I was terrified to release that story, I wrote it months and month prior to sharing it and pondered the idea of even sharing it. I am so grateful I listened to my heart my sharing actually helped other people, it feels so amazing!

With in this same week one of my clients sat in my chair and was completely down on her unemployment. She was a teacher who loved to teach but had never found that perfect job that made her want to wake up in the morning and go to work. I began sharing about my daughters lovely Waldorf school and how Violet my daughter was settling into to school wonderfully. My client started talking about how she had gone to something crazy like twenty interviews at different schools in all different areas.

She began mentioning how she had a friend with a small connection to a possible job opportunity in Boulder. How she applied for the position and she told me she knew she would never get the job that it was to good to be true. It was at a semi Waldorf inspired school, my client off and on told me there was not a chance in hell she would get this position.

That day, despite her despair I was hyped up about my life. I was sharing with her my morning routine how I have never felt so centered mentally, emotionally, and physically from it. I began sharing with her some of my daily affirmations and how helpful they have been in my everyday life and how I had learned from the ever so wise Bob Proctor to begin affirmations with “I am so happy and grateful now that.” I mentioned “maybe instead of thinking negatively about the job, pretend you already have it.” I  then spoke to her about visualizing herself at the school in that position, and telling herself how happy and grateful now that she has her perfect job which she loves waking up and going to everyday.

Twelve weeks had passes and this same client returned to my chair. She proceeded to thank me and told me she got the job, she had her dream job! It gives me goose bumps all over my body just talking about it. She proceeded to tell me she did exactly as I suggested and she affirmed to herself that she was going to get the job and she visualized her self in the position. It actually worked, she believed she could do it and she did it! It manifested right before her eyes, the power of a positive mind set.

Here I was with this now upbeat client and she proceeded to thank me happily several times and I kept getting goose bumps and even had a few tears one time. My client told me she has never been at a job were there work ethic aligned with everything that she knows and believes the school system to be. I was almost breathless listening to her words and how my words affected this woman’s life.

Always speak your heart and if you are passionate about something, share it! You might not know you are making a difference today, yesterday, tomorrow or even last week. This is what life is all about be yourself, be happy in your life, share your passions, share your love, help others who are down if you are up. In turn it will inevitably make its way back to you just when you need it. We can all make a difference big or small! Until next time friends!

11 Loveliest Things-People Not Counted

Hello Friends,

This Moring as I began reading a chapter on Gratefulness in THE ABC’S OF SUCCESS by the ever so inspiring life motivating Bob Proctor. This chapter jumped out at me and here I am sharing it with you. A little Scottish girl wrote a book titled MY 11 LOVELIEST THINGS-PEOPLE NOT COUNTED the eyes of a child once again prevails. Her lovely little list includes

  1. Dry leaves as you walk through them
  2. The feel of clean clothes
  3. Water running into the bath
  4. The cold of ice cream
  5. Cool wind on a hot day
  6. Climbing up and looking back
  7. Honey in your mouth
  8. Smell of a pie baking
  9. Hot water bottle in bed
  10. Babies smiling
  11. Baby kittens

Oh to be a child, her list is so simple, yet so perfectly descriptive. Hearing the sounds of the hot water bottle in bed shows how dated this little book is. Yet I can close my eyes and imagine how warm and lovely that water bottle would feel. A great challenge for a cool crisp fall morning is to journal today! Start your list of eleven, or get crazy and journal fifteen of your loveliest things, not including people. : ) Things you might over look everyday, things that make it all worth while. Good luck, don’t forget to smile in the process! Until next time friends!

Everything Fall!

Everything Fall

“Everyone must take time to

sit and watch the leaves turn.”

Elizabeth Lawrence

Hello Friends!

My favorite season is finally here, I love everything fall! In a blink of an eye it seems just yesterday my children were slightly sunburnt, in our backyard, running in swimsuits through the sprinklers. In a matter of a few weeks week’s the Colorado air has transformed into chilly, foggy, sweater wearing, hot tea drinking, cozy blanket snuggling mornings!

I love everything to do with pumpkin, pumpkin patches, the smell of pumpkin, the colors of pumpkins, pumpkin cider beer, the smell and taste of cinnamon, apple cider, caramel apples, hot soup, chi tea, chili, warm clothes, boots! And of course the ever so beautiful array of changing leaves, I can gaze at fall leaves for hours upon end. The amazing shades, orange, yellow, sometimes even red sneaks in there. The golden warm fall loveliness, it brings a smile to my face just thinking about it. : )

With my recent switch to gluten-free at the beginning of the summer, I was having feelings of sadness missing out on my favorite fall beers. Atlas there is a rescue! WILDCIDER PUMPKIN! This tastiest brand also features a BEHOPPY (To die for, those nights you are long for a beer and don’t want the bloated after math). The refreshing, clean, pumpkin goodness is the perfect end to a fall day.

One of my beautiful sisters had yet another lovely year approach her life. Every year it has been a tradition to venture too a pumpkin patch. This year was a rather memorable pumpkin patch outing, with both of my lovely sisters, brother in-laws, parents, and our combined ten children. We embarked in a busy morning of our children’s school fall festival, this lovely morning would not be complete with out my three-year old, James getting out of the car with no shoes in sight. We dealt with it, and went shoeless at least he had socks on! The cool, crisp air and the smell of apple cider, fresh (gluten-free) bread and home-made soup lingered in the air. Children and friendly faces engulfed the school play yard and garden, everyone was wearing homemade golden star head bands. To represent this change in seasons. It was a lovely reminder of why I love this season so much.

 We proceeded to lunch with our party of just shy of twenty. THE COLORADO ROOM, (Ps tastiest food and drink and so accommodating for our crazy party filled with children). With our bellies and souls filled with love and yummy life! We proceeded to SOMTHING FROM THE FARM, a small family farm. It was great! We stepped out of the car and a gigantic farm machine catapulted a pumpkin across a field, it was quite the sight!  The children were free to roam and play, scaling the pumpkin patch for each ones perfect fall pumpkin. Every child had a smile on their faces, there was a small tractor with a home-made train ride attached and who would have thought between my children and my nephews and nieces, they all filled up the perfect homemade train, they loved it! The middle-aged farmer started the engine and proceeded to take the children around the farm, they returned happier than they began!

Enjoy this lovely change of seasons, it wont be long before we see frosty white. Eat fresh apples, love everything pumpkin, take cool walks (even if it is raining), snuggle, gaze at the leaves before we know it they will all be gone. Fall is such an amazing colorful season, embrace each chilly Morning! Until next time friends!