Can We Have It All?


The secrete to having it all is


you already do.”


“The happiest people

don’t have to best of everything,

they just make the best of everything.”


Hello Friends,

Is it possible to have it all? Can we be perfect mothers, wives, friends, sisters, striving for a better tomorrow mostly a happier and fulfilled tomorrow? How is it possible to master all of these roles? Speaking from my personal struggles and growths since becoming a mother almost six years ago. Now a days I am taking the time to work on me and finding out what this all means to my everyday life. Researching, reasoning, and reaching out to others to see the actual real life possibilities.

The idealism of our alleged perfection can only exist if and when we are open and willing to it. Lets all change our idealism of what this word perfection means, the actual meaning of this word does not exist in my world. I am pretty sure it does not in yours. Some of us put on great shows and pretend what this idea of perfection may look like. Underneath it may actually be the opposite of what we see externally. There are the very few blessed individuals who have mastered this. I strive to be like you each and everyday, I know all of this work I am putting in is actually taking me somewhere. What does exists in my everyday life is happiness, thoughtfulness, my willingness to grow, learn and mostly to help others.

In each and everyone of our minds, our bodies and our souls we can all strive to be our best version of ourselves. Truly being ourselves and being vulnerable to others and by being authentic, mostly being who you are. You and only you, you as a mother or a father, you as a wife or as a husband, you as a sister, a friend, mostly a loved and trusted individual. The only way this can all come together is if we are giving it our all, being the happiest we can be, looking on the other side in our most positive mannerism.

Everyday is flowing with fresh opportunity’s and chances to start anew. Everyday is a fresh chance to master one of these. Instead of overwhelming ourselves, (which each and everyone of us are guilty of) lets take a moment to slow it down. Lets focus on one thing at a time. Lets spend our energy all of our positive affirmations and amazing thoughts running through our brilliant minds.

To find this balance every day, maybe today we can strive to be the calmest, most patient mother. Tomorrow we can switch roles to being a positive, helpful, listening, caring wife or husband. The next day we can be there for a friend, be there for a family member. When we are at work be at work, leave all of the others at the door and be the best worker we possibly can be. Mostly take the time to be you, these few and far moments are some of the most impactful moments we may not recognize their importance. We matter the most, so make sure you are taking time to become yourself so you can become the best and happiest you.

Next week do this again, but this time give each and everyone of them your all. And again the next week and again the week after that. The idea of all of this is to change our programming from struggles to successes and slowly week after week will subconsciously do this. It is possible, you can do anything you put your mind too. You can do it, I know you can! All we can do is try, if we never try new things we will never change, if we never change there is no room for growth. If there is no growth there is no purpose. So let us all have a purpose. Let us all be stronger today than we were yesterday, an unstoppable force for years and years to come. Now ask yourself one more time, can we have it all? The answer lies within yourself. Until next time friends!

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