11 Loveliest Things-People Not Counted

Hello Friends,

This Moring as I began reading a chapter on Gratefulness in THE ABC’S OF SUCCESS by the ever so inspiring life motivating Bob Proctor. This chapter jumped out at me and here I am sharing it with you. A little Scottish girl wrote a book titled MY 11 LOVELIEST THINGS-PEOPLE NOT COUNTED the eyes of a child once again prevails. Her lovely little list includes

  1. Dry leaves as you walk through them
  2. The feel of clean clothes
  3. Water running into the bath
  4. The cold of ice cream
  5. Cool wind on a hot day
  6. Climbing up and looking back
  7. Honey in your mouth
  8. Smell of a pie baking
  9. Hot water bottle in bed
  10. Babies smiling
  11. Baby kittens

Oh to be a child, her list is so simple, yet so perfectly descriptive. Hearing the sounds of the hot water bottle in bed shows how dated this little book is. Yet I can close my eyes and imagine how warm and lovely that water bottle would feel. A great challenge for a cool crisp fall morning is to journal today! Start your list of eleven, or get crazy and journal fifteen of your loveliest things, not including people. : ) Things you might over look everyday, things that make it all worth while. Good luck, don’t forget to smile in the process! Until next time friends!

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