Everything Fall!

Everything Fall

“Everyone must take time to

sit and watch the leaves turn.”

Elizabeth Lawrence

Hello Friends!

My favorite season is finally here, I love everything fall! In a blink of an eye it seems just yesterday my children were slightly sunburnt, in our backyard, running in swimsuits through the sprinklers. In a matter of a few weeks week’s the Colorado air has transformed into chilly, foggy, sweater wearing, hot tea drinking, cozy blanket snuggling mornings!

I love everything to do with pumpkin, pumpkin patches, the smell of pumpkin, the colors of pumpkins, pumpkin cider beer, the smell and taste of cinnamon, apple cider, caramel apples, hot soup, chi tea, chili, warm clothes, boots! And of course the ever so beautiful array of changing leaves, I can gaze at fall leaves for hours upon end. The amazing shades, orange, yellow, sometimes even red sneaks in there. The golden warm fall loveliness, it brings a smile to my face just thinking about it. : )

With my recent switch to gluten-free at the beginning of the summer, I was having feelings of sadness missing out on my favorite fall beers. Atlas there is a rescue! WILDCIDER PUMPKIN! This tastiest brand also features a BEHOPPY (To die for, those nights you are long for a beer and don’t want the bloated after math). The refreshing, clean, pumpkin goodness is the perfect end to a fall day.

One of my beautiful sisters had yet another lovely year approach her life. Every year it has been a tradition to venture too a pumpkin patch. This year was a rather memorable pumpkin patch outing, with both of my lovely sisters, brother in-laws, parents, and our combined ten children. We embarked in a busy morning of our children’s school fall festival, this lovely morning would not be complete with out my three-year old, James getting out of the car with no shoes in sight. We dealt with it, and went shoeless at least he had socks on! The cool, crisp air and the smell of apple cider, fresh (gluten-free) bread and home-made soup lingered in the air. Children and friendly faces engulfed the school play yard and garden, everyone was wearing homemade golden star head bands. To represent this change in seasons. It was a lovely reminder of why I love this season so much.

 We proceeded to lunch with our party of just shy of twenty. THE COLORADO ROOM, (Ps tastiest food and drink and so accommodating for our crazy party filled with children). With our bellies and souls filled with love and yummy life! We proceeded to SOMTHING FROM THE FARM, a small family farm. It was great! We stepped out of the car and a gigantic farm machine catapulted a pumpkin across a field, it was quite the sight!  The children were free to roam and play, scaling the pumpkin patch for each ones perfect fall pumpkin. Every child had a smile on their faces, there was a small tractor with a home-made train ride attached and who would have thought between my children and my nephews and nieces, they all filled up the perfect homemade train, they loved it! The middle-aged farmer started the engine and proceeded to take the children around the farm, they returned happier than they began!

Enjoy this lovely change of seasons, it wont be long before we see frosty white. Eat fresh apples, love everything pumpkin, take cool walks (even if it is raining), snuggle, gaze at the leaves before we know it they will all be gone. Fall is such an amazing colorful season, embrace each chilly Morning! Until next time friends!

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