Keeping True To Myself

Keeping True To Myself

As long as you

are keeping true

To yourself, you

will always find


-Amber Riely

Be happy, be yourself

if others don’t like it let them be.

Happiness is a choice.

Life isn’t about pleasing everybody.


Hello Friends,

I can’t believe these summer mornings are turning into chilly fall mornings. I love fall it makes me feel so excited for what is to come! Here I stand at 5:40 AM in my slightly chilly, calm and oh so silent home. Soon to be filled with running feet and happy little faces well I can only hope for the happy and not fit throwing children or husband for that matter : ) I have my days too, today is on my side!Some of these mornings I battle myself on how I am going to pull all of this all off? But I am doing it day after day. I am here constantly changing my life each morning after the next. One year ago you would never in a million years have found me awake at this time. One year from today I can feel big change I can see happiness and success in my future. Some days I find myself unsure,but I am keeping momentum with my vision day after day. What is trying going to hurt? It can only be helpful at this point.

I still have my struggles, is any of this really making a difference? I believe it really is. Here is to a fall filled with amazing days, early dark nights, love, laughter, mind freeing stories, smiles, good sex, carefree editing, filling my mind with amazing books, inspiration, sisters, and all of the children in my life! I have never felt more like myself in my entire thirty two years, this is who I am. It is freeing to finally find me and I see so clear. Let us all be true to what makes us happy and not to everyone else. Make time for the things that make you feel good about your body, your mind and your soul every day!

All of this today, yesterday, tomorrow, even next week is bringing me closer to loving my life stories, all of the good, the bad, the laughter and even the fit throwing, chaotic children, messy home filled days. Let us all love each and every moment, we are in charge. Don’t forget to smile when you are in the throws of your life stories! Until next time friends!

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