In The Blink Of An Eye

In The Blink Of An Eye

“There are two

gifts we should give our children

one is roots and

the other is wings.”

“Love waits for one thing

the right moment.”

Hello Friends,

Day after day, year after year. Wow where does the time go? My sweet baby girl Violet lost her first tooth and started kindergarten last week, such a bitter sweet. I feel so excited for her to get to start this new chapter in her life and so sad to let one of my babies go. I am lucky I feel so at ease with her school and her teachers are wonderful women, the fact that she is actually big enough to be in school is crazy to me. I can close my eyes and see her crawling around on my living room floor, with her bald head and two bottom teeth with her heart stealing smile.

Those easy days when I only had one child, insane to think that was my life, and fast forward now to these three wacky, so full of life lovelies. Some days I look at Violet and then I see Hugo and I have to blink and blink again. Is it real that she is big enough to be in kindergarten? Pinch me because the answer is, yes. I can remember back when she was two and a client of mine asked me what school she was going to go to and, I remember thinking to myself  “What do you mean, she is a baby, she is not going to be going to school.” I thought the woman was ridiculous for even asking me such a question. Wow it happened in a blink of an eye, I have heard that expression a million times and now I truly feel its meaning.

The day before Violets first day of her amazing Waldorf inspired kindergarten, she lost her first tooth. He sweet bottom tooth had been wiggling only five days. She woke up that morning and her extra slanted and not so wiggly tooth was at its dangling state. It looked an entire tooth higher that the rest of her little teeth. I was in the shower and she came in slightly terrified. I popped my head out of the shower and looked down at her sweet little face with a tiny bloody tooth in her hand and a scared look in her eye, a little blood was coming out of her now new little hole in her mouth. I excitedly said “Your tooth! You lost your tooth!” She was shocked and then I told her. ” Yay the tooth fairy is coming tonight.” That cheered her right up, I quickly got out of the shower and hugged her. We rinsed off her tooth and she safely tucked it away in her sweetest tooth fairy pillow. (PS we made her special tooth fairy pillow out of an old baby dress that had two pockets almost a year ago, I never thought we would be using it this soon.)

The next morning she woke up to the tooth fairy leaving her a special golden locket necklace with a beautiful, redheaded fairy and her very own fairy dust. She asked me if she could fly now, sweet little Violet. What a perfect morning to start her first day of school. : )  I wanted to make sure she had an extra special morning, I didn’t want her to have any feelings of being scared or anxious about her big day day. I let her sleep until she was read to get up, it was around seven. Luckily enough both the boys, slept in until seven thirty. The universe knew we needed that special Mommy, Daughter time. We made breakfast together and we had a little dance party in the kitchen and then we read two chapters of her book. Violet picked out one of her new dresses we fixed her hair how she wanted it and she was ready for her big day. On our way to school we talked about her friends and her sweet teachers and the garden at her school. (We watered the garden at her school once a week this summer, this was a huge helper getting her comfortable in her school environment.)

We arrived at her school, cars, children, parents, and commotion galore. She was amazing, she was excited and confident. I expected her to be scared and not wanting me to leave, or I suppose I was feeling like that. Violet saw her best friend and her teachers and she smiled she was completely fine. Violet took her best friend’s hand and said good bye, I snuck in a hug and a kiss of corse. She was so comfortable and calm as can be. (We are so lucky, Violet’s best friend is in her classroom what a blessing.) I walked away with Hugo in my arms and James holding my hand, trying not to ball my eyes out. I looked back at her and I felt relieved and a few tears streamed down my cheeks. I met one of my best friends behind the bushes and we watched our kindergarten girls hold hands and walk into their first day of school.

There you have it, I have a kindergartner. We need to enjoy every moment of our baby’s being small, I need to do this more myself. Even the stressful, crazy moments when we might be losing our minds. We should stop and take a breath and remember time keeps going and those small moments will turn into big moments. Before we know it time will pass in the blink of an eye. Until next time friends!

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