Accept Change In Your Heart, Part 1!

Accept Change In Your Heart!

“You change

your life

by changing 

your heart.”

Max Lucado

“The secret of

change is to focus

all of your energy,

not on fighting the

old, but on building

the new.”


Hello Friends,

Making room for change, to better our ever so busy daily lives and our family’s lives the idea of change is scary. Much less taking action to actually make the changes to accomplish your hopes and dreams. They are the unknown, the abyss, the black hole, should we jump in and see if we can fly?

I need all of the love and positive energy from my friends and loved ones. Close your eyes for me and please send me your love, your support, your motivation, your hope and I promise I will send it right back to you. As scary as change may seem, is it scarier staying the same and never bettering ourselves.Hummm? This change, that change,for the better for the worst. I am releasing my mind, I am freeing my body and soul to change. Change is good,change is possible. We can do it together, we can make leaping bounds with our brilliant minds, we just have to want it bad enough. I am going to share a crazy adventure I had with my family, I had to break it up into two parts. I couldnt leave out any of the details. Look for Part 2. Soon to come! I hope you enjoy the craziness of my life!


My ginger, family of five were off to a summer, morning trail hike. We were headed to “Coyote Ridge.”  My husband, Rudy wanted to run the trail, it was a good excuse for a family outing. Plus he is in hard-core training mode, for his planned 14er, “Longs Peak” located in Rocky Mountain National Park one of Colorado’s 53, 14,000 feet tall mountains. He is going to summit this beast of a mountain in two weeks, whoo hoo GO Rudy! YOU CAN DO IT! Everyone send lots of motivation and positive energy his way! He is AMAZING!

Our family of five started on the trail we were roughly 400 feet in, when Rudy turned to me, ” Are you ok with me going on?” I replied, ” Yes, we are just fine,have a good run!” With a smile and a slightly, wet, sweaty high-five, he went on to run the trail. It was Violet, James, baby Hugo and my strong self, set with the end in mind. I had our amazing hefty duty, canvas stroller (PS the best part of this magic stroller, it is equipped for all three children.) The path in front of us was straight and steady, with no significant inclines or declines, just mellow and calm. The big ones, Violet and James started walking along the stroller and baby Hugo was contently strapped in. The sun got brighter and higher in the sky, James had a freak out when he saw his Dad going too far and too fast ahead of him. He ran as fast as he could after his Dad as the world were ending,he dropped to his knees in ultimate despair.

Hugo still as calm as can be, enjoying his slightly bumpy ride. James’s, terrible three’s(people say twos are rough but it is the threes where the ultimate terribleness peaks) his fit elevated as he bit our five-year old, Violet  right in the arm. Because when you are three biting apparently solves everything. He left a lovely slobbery teeth imprint, immediately followed by Violet heaving her own personal melt down. She carried on in the same mannerism as her younger brother, dropping to her knees crying as if someone had stabbed her in the arm. Baby, Hugo still as calm as can be and two biggies acting a fool. I could have just turned back to the car, but I kept my head up and told them,” We are here to hike this trail, everyone, time to calm down.” We were all out of the house and we were hiking this trail, dang it! I took a deep breath and kept my focus.

Both of the biggies, screaming fits, escalated and they were not interested in listening to my wise words. They both kept on the waterworks, I took control and I just loaded both of them up with Hugo, and all of the mass baby fits(well everyone but the actual baby was fitting out)  I took off with a slightly frustrated even more determined speed. People passing  with their concerned looks, I didn’t bother with people passing, I just kept on my momentum.

This point of the trail started to steeply incline, the weight beard on my arms, not quite too hard. I was keeping a stead pace and I was motivated. It progressed and started gaining significant elevation, and there was the switch back. If you are not familiar with the term switch back it is when there is a steep inclined followed by an extremely sharp blind corner curve. This incline was steep as all can be, I started with a running approach and slowed by the mass amount of weight I was pushing in the stroller, we are talking roughly 106 pounds of just children.

Determined and of course I was up for the challenge, this point of my life I was going through self publishing, my first Children’s Picture book. I had just completed this seven week-long arduous, stressful taskfilled, week upon week, frustration upon frustration, road block upon road block, but I seemed to complete each hurdle maybe not in the calmest or prettiest fashion. But I did it and had a book featuring me as the Author/Illustrator. In combination with taking care of my three children, housework, husband, and a part time job!

I imagining this steep incline as another conquer, just as I had conquered what I at one point in my life thought was an unattainable and unrealistic dream. “I conquered that book and I am going to conquer this steep trail” I loudly proclaimed to myself. The weight was intense I had to change the grip and positioning of my hands completely. I started to breathe heavily and sweat trailed, glistening from my face down my cleavage, running to my stomach. The pushing intensified each step I took, I kept trying to gain some momentum any momentum at this point. I backed up and tried to run, but atlas I could not with the weight at hand. I stomped almost as an elephant walking heavy and proud. Extremely hunched over, using every muscles in my being. I have movement, slowly stomp by stomp I was progressing at my own pace.

An athletic, glistening, golden tanned women in a sports bra with tight run shorts came running down the switch back towards us. With her fist held high in the air, she cheered me on ”Way To Go Mom!”I smiled and huffed “Thank you!” She just pumped me up five notches,  is what she just did. I didn’t know at the time, but I needed that reassurance she was there at the perfect moment. I stomped harder and faster with each step, my calfs and arms were burning. I could smell myself, the smell of hard work it what it was. I finally reached the top and had a slight decrease and steady trail. I needed the momentary rest and then in a matter of a minute got it handed right back to me….

To be continued!