Love a Little More!

Love A Little More!  

“The beauty of life

does not

depend on

how happy

you are, but how

 happy others

can be

because of you.”

“The best things

in life aren’t


Hello Friends,

Having love and being loved are two of the most powerful energies we are so lucky to experience in our lives. We all need to put love at the top of our things to do list. Wake up check! Smile to myself in the mirror check! Love a little more today check! Love is incredible, it can be perceived in our everyday lives through our feelings and our emotions, what are the main differences between feelings of love and emotional love?

The word emotion is rooted from the word “motion” it is translated into energy.  Emotion as energy with in us creates motion, found with in us and helps to motivates us. Psychology defines emotions as physiological state. Studies have shown that changes in our physiological world are referred to as emotions. These also affect the function of our awareness, and motivation.

When love is thrown in the mix it falls into the category of emotion only when our bodies make a physical change such as increase in blood pressure or movement. Emotional love in the findings of kinetic love, is directly found within our bodies. We refer to this as being our emotional love, when it is deeply sensed or intensified. In layman’s terms if you see someone you love and you feel your heart beating out of your chest and you have an uncontrollable urge to run up to them and embrace, hug or kiss them to pieces this is our emotional side of love.

Where as love found in our feelings is something that is to be programmed into us. Our feelings are defined as our true nature our authentic identity, this is something that makes us who we are. Something created by our surroundings of social or cultural influences. Our subconscious believes of the world and our moral views come from our authentic self. These are in charge of forming our major feelings of our instincts, our inner radar and our intuition. Our feelings allow us to be the real us the constant us who wants to  be bettering ourselves everyday for the rest of our lives. Most of us are programmed to love certain people or things in our lives. This programming is something we may think we are not in charge of, or we have distant thoughts of how we were raised it is the only way of thinking. This must change now. We are in charge of our emotions we are in charge of our feelings, we can choose to reprogram our thoughts of what love is or how we want to be loved.

Our feelings allow us to express our inner voice without having to vocalize them. Love is found on both spectrums of feelings and emotions so embrace both of them, it can change on a day-to-day basis. We are in charge of the love we surround our lives with, love should not have to be conditional. This is where we step in as the best version of our self and ask ourselves. Is this love helping or hindering our life? The answer is up to us and how we choose show up to the world, how we wish to love and be loved through both our feelings and our emotions.

Love makes us feel better, it bringing a smile to our face’s, real love warms our heart, it changes our day. Love is butterflies in your tummy, heart thumping out of our chest, contagiously smiling for everyone to see. We can feel it through every cell in our being. Love is the most powerful, most rewarding, most blessed emotional feeling. The best part friends there is no price to love. Love should be something which is not forced upon or love should not hinder our everyday life.

If a baby were born and had no love, no physical contact the sweet innocent life would not survive. This is crazy to think of, but it is true. Open your eyes to how important love is, that a life could not be sustained from birth without this amazing emotional, feeling.

We all get so busy in our everyday lives, the thought of taking the extra time to kiss or hug our person, our children the extra seconds, seem to slip away. Something as simple as a kiss on the cheek a quick three second hug on your way out the door before you begin your busy day. Even at work a handshake with eye contact and even a hug to your most favorite people. Yes, it is ok to hug people at work it makes being away from your family feel comforting.When you come in contact with someone who you feel connected to don’t be afraid to vocalize, hug them mean it. Living in the now pertains to every aspect of our daily lives. We as humans need this connection on a daily basis.

Let us all be the open type of people to express our thoughts, if you see somebody and think they look extra special, their smile is brighter, something different you can’t quite put your finger on. Voice it connect with people, this small connection will make you feel good and will rejuvenate the person on the opposite end. Even if you have feedback to someone constructive criticism, each and every one of us are flawed. We can help each other out. Telling somebody how you truly feel is a huge symbol of love.

If it is coming from your heart or hearts, never be afraid to share with the people you love. If it is coming from a good place and most often even the most of criticism can help build us all in to stronger and better versions of ourselves. Sometimes it is hard hearing or even saying these things, but take a step back. Open your mind to positivity open your mind to change. Every single one of us is capable of change and sometimes it is scary even ugly and then it turns into something amazing and beautiful. Remember change in inside of each and every one of us, we just have to keep momentum and be willing.

Love is an amazing feeling, it is my favorite emotional mind and body feeling.  Make it one of yours, put LOVE on your list and check it everyday! Let us all take an active part in loving more in being loved more today. Make this a priority an everyday occurrence. Once we incorporate anything into our daily rituals like brushing our teeth or getting dressed they become a part of who we are. We all should want affection, we all should crave affection and attention.

So let us all hug each other more, really embrace more. Kiss people on the cheeks if you feel it. When you ask someone how they are doing, look in their eyes connect with them. Show them you want to know how they are doing and start really caring when people are sharing with you. Smile at people if you usually don’t do this start today. Studies have proven that smiling increases happiness, and it contagious. Our brains are trained to mimic what we see, so let us create a happier smiling more LOVING world. Would that be so bad after all? Until next time friends!

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