Small Steps To A Better You!

Small Steps To A Better You!


the smallest step

in the right direction

ends up being

the biggest step

in your life. Tip toe if you must,

but take the step!”

“Your greatest self has

been waiting your

whole life

dont make it wait any longer.”

-Dr. Steve Maraboli

“If it doesnt challenge you

it will not change you.”

-Tamika L. Sims

Hello Friends,

We all need to take baby steps into to bettering ourselves, to bettering these amazing lives of ours. Try something new, something you have always wanted to do but maybe you were too afraid of, you were afraid of failure, or judgment from yourself, or even scarier judgment from others. Trying new things at first feels uncomfortable, but day after day you can create a rhythm in your life and make this something new, this soon to be amazing change a part of the new you. We all can make our dreams come true, take your goals that you wrote down that you have been affirming to yourself every day, right? You didn’t forget, did you?  Say them proudly, say them strongly, say them with every feeling in your body. Dont forget you must read these to yourself everyday, don’t lose sight even for one moment.

There will be days where you experience extreme discomfort from these baby steps. They will feel like new shoes, foreign and maybe awkward at first. And then after a week, they might not seem so foreign and the awkwardness turns into comfort. After a month they will grow on you, they will become a part of you. A part of your everyday life you will look at them smiling and itching to put them on.

Along with this sense of discomfort, will in turn bring a sense of empowerment, a sense of determination, a sense of motivation. Life does not always need to feel so safe and comfortable, it is so healthy for us to experience new things, it is so health to keep new ideas flowing constantly, lighting up in our brilliant minds.

Dont let others tell you what you are capable of, keep dreaming big dreams, keep making bigger goals. I wish I could tell you our goals and dreams would magically happen overnight. Life is a steady progression, if you keep doing something you will inevitably get better and better at it. Think back to you childhood, in kindergarten. Did you know how to read and write, could you even spell your name? Yes, you might have been the genius child who could, but most of us would answer no. We went from grade to grade, slowly stepping into reading, writing, studying, we slowly did this over a progression of twelve years, some of us even went further in bettering our understanding and continued on with two to upwards of six and eight more years of education. Creating mass knowledge in certain areas, Doctors, lawyers, Professors.

Most of us do not fall into these categories of Doctors, Lawyers and professors. Us average people, hey who even made up this classification? What does it mean to be average? Well I certainly am not average and neither are you. Take away any labels any classifications. I am here to tell you that I am not average I am extraordinary and so are you, just because we don’t hold a plaque or a certificate telling us who we are,or how we have spent the last ten years of our lives. We can reinvent ourselves, we can be the best version of whoever we want to be. So who do you want to be? You can be that person, it all starts with one step. Make that step or better yet take the plunge into a better you. You can do it, and dont forget to smile during these plunging, steps! Until next time my friends!

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