Accept Change In Your Heart: Part 2

Accept Change In Your Heart: Part 2

“Change is never

easy, you fight to

hold on, and you

fight to let go.”

“Worry less

smile more

accept criticism

take responsibility

listen and love

don’t hate

embrace change

and feel good on your 

journey of life.”

Hello Friends,

My Amazing hike continued on…

This time my daughter, Violet was calm and she asked if she could get out of the trailer. I think my children finally came too, and realized the work their Mommy was doing. They were deep into nature at this point, and had calmed way down. It is incredible what nature and movement can do for our minds and bodies, and better yet our children’s brilliant mind’s and tiny bodies, especially in moments of extreme tantrums. Fresh air and breath, ahhhh… it feel’s so good being outside. Violet tried to help me push the trailer up the strait, steep incline, I couldn’t do it with her at my side. I told her “ You can do it Violet, I know you can!” I was encouraging her, while my footing became too fast and I  left her fifty feet behind. Gravity would not allow me to go any slower. Glancing back to make sure she was safe, she was sad at first. I trudged ahead to the top, looking down on her, I cheered her on,” You can do it Violet, you are so awesome!” Just as my, athletic, golden tanned, motivator had done to me. She stomped with her rainbow-colored high top hiking boots and her sweaty, coppery, wiggly hair. Her skin was pinkish and she was now smiling at me and ran straight for my legs for a giant  hug. We both took huge, gulps of slightly warm water from the camel pack, which Violet insisted in packing on her back.

We proceed to the top of the beautiful trail overlooking what we had just hiked with our up with our amazing feet and trailer. It  looked down a giant field of grass and wild flowers surrounded by breath-taking mountains, chirping birds, prairie dogs and even a herd of deer grazing off the mountain side, talk about real life beauty. We were surrounded by it.

James had finally calmed himself down. We had moved closer to a huge decline. Violet was getting hot, she returned her hard worked rainbow-colored feet, back into the trailer. The next obstacle staring me down, a giant downward sloping decline. Scanning for my husband, he was still no where in sight. Off running the trail at least a mile, maybe even more ahead of us.  I came to this decline with a sense of relief, my mind thought it was going to be a piece of cake. Oh boy, was my mind off, my body took on the extreme steepness. I was once again getting my butt kicked by this trail.

I thought I could jog right on down, it didn’t dawn on me the mass amount of weight was going to naturally be pulled down by gravity. Four steps into my jog, my brain corrected me. I looked down at the downward slant of the mountain and thought to myself, If I were to lose my footing and grip, my children would be let free. Sailing down the trail, and as much fun as they would have thought that was, I didn’t really feel like spending the afternoon in the emergency room. So I used my super strength, Woman, Mommy, motivation, power to keep ahold of all my children in the stroller. The hill was pulling much more that I would have liked it too, I just kept planting my heels. Every other step, my hiking shoes would catch some gravel, slowly slipping on the tiny pebbles at a downward motion. Nothing I could not re-adjust and use my leg strength in full effect.

We finally safely made it down the hill to another slowly increasing incline, and within a rock’s throw was a house that must have been an old house that was now a visitors center with wooden benches, shade, birds and buzzing bees everywhere. I unloaded the children let them cool off and climb around the benches. Ten minutes after we arrived we saw my husband come around the bend, sweaty and out of breath he went up another mile past us and had looped back down and around to find us.

We rehydrated and rested another ten minutes, just enjoying the peace and quiet and taking in nature, it was so calming. I needed that after the scuffle with the biggies. It was so quiet you could hear the birds wings flapping under the roof, which we found a mud nest built high in one of the corners of the roof pitches with, one tiny baby bird waiting on its Mommy. How perfect was that? Nature oh you are my friend.

Rested up and ready to head back on the trail, with Rudy on my side he took the reigns of the stroller. Although I would say the way back was nothing compared to what I had gone through on the way up, I still praise and appreciate his help! He took on a couple of those strong incline and declines, but of course Violet was now ready to move her little body and get out of that sweaty, boy filled stroller. I was happy to see her out and wanting to move her little body. I want to encourage them to hike and be active but, I am not going to force it on them. I want it to be a natural progression nothing they hate or dread in the future. I want to encourage them to love moving their bodies and love nature by watching their Mommy and Daddy doing it!

I needed the intense upward motion, I think it was the universe making me physically tackle what I had just mentally accomplished, and what had engulfed the previous months of my life.

When life gets hard and change confronts you, some days it will be so hard.You might find yourself flustered and confused on what to do next? You might want to give up, because it is what is easy and change feels so uncomfortable. Don’t allow yourself that option, keep pushing forward! If you keep up your momentum at a steady pace you can accomplish anything you put your mind to. And believe you me it would have been so easy to turn back to the car and buckle the children in their car seats, blasting the AC, listen to music and wait for Rudy to make it back down.

I didn’t give up I pushed right on through! I stuck it out and it extremely enhanced my mood, I felt a giant happiness boost for the rest of the day. Making time to get out of the house, out of the office, out of the city and into nature. It sets your mind and boy free! Accept change into your life and heart and it will set you free! Until Next time friends!

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