Finding Happiness, Through Helping Others

Finding Happiness Through Helping Others

“Success has

nothing to do with

what you gain in

life or accomplish

for yourself.  It’s

what you do for others.”

-Danny Thomas

“Only a life

lived for others

is a life worth


-Albert Einstein

Hello Friends,

Summer break is here, my daughters amazing Waldorf school has a small piece of heaven on the outskirts of her school. It is not the traditional playground most of us are familiar with. You unlatch the wooden gate to a small paved, path, that brings you to this magical garden, full of life, green, thriving, fairy garden. In the surrounding area stands an at least twenty foot tall, antique liberty bell, for the children to ring when outdoor play and school has ended. The outdoor play area has two sets of rolling dirt hills with tree stumps at the base, for the children to leap from stump to stump.

At the end of the school year, one of the parents volunteered to build this magical wooden boat, oh it is adorable. I just want to go for a pirate ship adventure looking at it. The children are so free to roam with their imaginations in a nature surrounded area. It is so lovely, it makes me tingle with happiness just thinking about it.

In the far end of the play area is metal half sphere, which is found in traditional public schools, where the children can climb and monkey around, the area has trees and wild flowers and giant and small stones and rocks. Finally there are swings of course, no outdoor area would be equipt for children without the ability to swing weightless in the air. One of my and now Violets favorite present and past times.

The amazing school garden is touched by the hand’s of children from Kindergarten to seventh grade along with a genuinely passionate teacher, Mrs. Season. She is a lovely grey haired earthy, free spirit, with an loving and inviting presence. In the summer time the school offered a gardening and hand work camp, the fee was $150 per child. At the time that was not in my budget, this kind woman spoke to my sister Jenny with her four children. Speaking of the group meeting Tuesdays and Thursdays between 9:00 Am and 11 AM and if we were to show up it was be just fine with her. Lovely woman. When we arrived to the first session, Mrs. Season gently and enthusiastically, instructed to children to go on a magical treasure hunt, she gently showed the children how to pick peas from the vines without hurting them so they could grow us more pees. The children were allowed to eat as many veggies as they would like. I helped with Hugo on my pack, snuggled and calm just taking in the beauty of the garden. My children and my nephews were harvesting snow peas and sugar snap peas. Which I never knew the difference. The snow peas are chubby and plump and the sugar snap peas look more deflated where you can see the peas from the out side. They were all having a great time, helping one another, enjoying freshly picked peas. To the right of the pea vines was a tiny fairy garden, created out of stones, sticks, dried flowers, that had a tiny piece of twine surrounding it. So preciou!

Mrs. Season then shared an amazing story about three sisters and one represented corn and she had long golden hair, and one represented green beans, she was the strong sister and the last sister represented pumpkins small yet brave and bright in color, each representing a fall harvest vegetable. After the story each child was gently handed three magical seeds and they were placed in a circle where they took their fingers and the Moms helped guide the seeds and gently pack with dirt and say “Grow, little seed, grow, little seed.” with love from each child. Each one passed down the watering hose, and gently watered their seeds. It was such a peaceful and loving moment.

At the end of the first class, Mrs. Season, shared with my sister about how she has spent every day of her summer tending and watering this massive garden and flowers and trees galore. My sister, Jenny, offered our hand in watering once a week. Something I usually would have pass on doing, thinking about the stressors of getting all three of my children to behave for the forty five minutes that it takes to water this massive space. We looked at this dedicated woman, whom has two small children of her own, might I add, so much in love with her job her passion of gardening. Also so exhausted and needing a break herself, so she can enjoy her summer and her small children.

My sister offered our hand and I am so glad she did, now every Tuesday we are so lucky we get to help this tranquil garden, touched by the hands of this amazing woman and little children. I get Hugo packed on my back, and release the big ones into the outdoor play area. My sister and her four children show up and we each grab the endless hose that goes from path to path, the hose, stretching infinitely across the entire green, full of life area. It is a maze, of tangled up fat hoses and hand made paths with wooden trellises and tiny wooden and twine fences, separating each sweetly labeled area of the garden. The sprayer head is like the most gentle shower head you have ever used, it is attached to a long piece of metal with a soft green handle.

This watering time has been so good for me, something I almost turned my head to the idea of being too stressed out. Has helped me, and helped give an amazing, greened thumbed woman, Mrs. Season, one day off a week. She much deserves this time, she deserves more than just that. Last week during watering, Hugo was cooing at the giant bright yellow sunflowers, they were smiling at us. I imagined all of the variations of green leafs and veggies waving good morning to us. I began to sing, “You are my sunshine, my only sunshine you make me happy when skies are grey, you’ll never know dear, how much I love you, please don’t take my sunshine away.” I sang this at least a dozen times, I felt so happy, so much at peace. My big children were running along with their cousins giggling and pink cheeked, scurrying, back and forth from the garden to the play area, the sun was quite hot already by 9:30 AM. So we decided to have a sprinkle over each child, it was lovely.

Getting outside once again has not failed me. So get out doors and smell the fresh air, water the flowers, and sing to yourself, and lend a helping when you can. Even if you don’t think you can, even if it seems oh so small to you. You might in turn help out someone in need, and help yourself at the same time. So just try, thats all we can do, and see how it turns out. Notice how you feel and you might just bring yourself tiny bits of happiness, tiny pieces of heaven we can keep with us forever. That in turn will help your everyday happiness, you can enjoy the now and being yourself, and help bring you closer, to the happiest you, and the happiest life. Until next time friends!


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