Art Can Bring You Happiness!

Art Can Bring You Happiness!



was first an


-Ralph Waldo Emerson

“She decided

to start living

the life

she’d imagined.”

Hello Friends,

Finding happiness in these amazing lives of ours, can be quite tricky , it can be down right a treasure hunt. If you find yourself not enjoying things that make you happy, no not everyone else around you happy, but you happy. Today is the day to start, right this very moment, look deep into yourself notice how you feel. Do you feel happy? You don’t have to answer this minute, take as long as you need.

Notice how you feel throughout your day, do you feel better when you get up and walk, run, or go to the gym before you start your day, half way through your day, in the evenings? I do, I notice significant,happiness increases when I run and move my body vs not. And I always find myself in extreme happiness bouts, when I finish my runs or work out of the day off with some body freeing dance moves. Dorking out I call it! Sometimes my husband catches me on my way home from my runs and he makes fun of me. But I notice he likes it, because he is always extra grinny, when he is poking fun at me. And when I am happy I can make him happier, oh the chain reaction of happiness and smiling.

Get in tune with your body notice how you feel, if you find yourself less productive on days think back to what you did that day. (PS the news is depressing I had to cut myself off from it. I find myself significantly happier not hearing about the horridness of the world. I will leave that up to my husband, he has a better filter than I do, he can inform me of any word changing events.) Try something new, pick up a book for a change, your imagination is so much freer when you are reading vs. watching tv. If you don’t know me by now, try journaling on, even if you claim not to be a writer. You don’t have to be, this is just you and your thoughts.

If you have ever found yourself interested in painting or drawing, today is the day. Try it out, your first session is not going to be your best. But if you find yourself smiling while doing it, well then there you have it. That is the point after all. I have found when I paint, draw, color, or write, it allows this amazing mental freedom and happiness and I love every moment of it. I feel like me, I feel so much happiness. I have found on days where I find myself so wrapped up in my busy life of, Momming and Wifing that I am significantly grumpier, and short fused than I am day where I take the time to release my mind.

The quote,” When you find something you love, you will never work a day in your life.” I now understand the true meaning of that. In my roughest years of marriage, art, saved my soul it saved my sanity. I know understand why I wasn’t meant to draw and how it just came to me overnight. Legit, I went from not even wanting to pick up a pencil, to needing to paint to release my mind of whatever needs to come out. One of my first solo paintings I created without, my amazing talented inspiring painter, sister, Jenny. These paintings are my favorite and most beautiful paintings in my home. The night I created those pieces, I found a small piece of me hidden deep below my misery and I found a tiny piece of happiness attached to it. That in turn brought me closer and closer to this strong, amazing, woman I am becoming today.

I found two old pictures that were framed hanging in my bathroom, that I had lost taste to and a feeling of painting over came me. I took the two six by six pieces of shiny paper that were matted into the frames out and turned them over. One evening after my two children at the time were safely tucked in bed. I layed, the two flimsy pictures on a painting drop cloth and went to the garage and found some old house paint with an image of a dandelion floating in the sky I turned on some mellow music and a calming, peaceful wave overtook me. With my different variations of blue, turquoise, pale yellow and white paint, I freed my mind followed by a new-found passion I never knew existed. To this day I amazed myself.  Who knew I was an artist? I sure did’nt. Some days while preparing meals for my family, with these amazing pictures hung on my kitchen wall,  I find myself lost, in those paintings they help remind me of my hidden powers and talents deep inside myself.

So go and find yours, you might just surprise yourself, and find happiness on your way! Until next time my friends!

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