Inspiration From My Babies!


Beautiful Dreams, and then


To Make those




“Everything that you


that you can do…

and whatever you


will come true”

Hello Friends,

Feeling so motivated and inspired by my babies, well they are not all babies, but I will always see them like that. Summer is bring such amazing time and memories. I feel so inspired from my children and in reading to Violet, Barbara Park’s, “Junie B. Jones” series to write a young middle grade, children’s book. Watching my children evolve everyday is amazing, I want to look back in ten years, or I should say read back, and have these memories. So what a better way than a fun book they can enjoy, now and in the future! Here is a little peek into my current mind-set! I hope you smile as much as I have writing this!

“Juniper June”

 “Summer Fun”

                                                                                      by Shelly Bond

Hello new friend, when I was still  in my Mommy’s tummy she named me Juniper June Bond, except when I was born my Daddy called me June and it just stuck. So now my name is just plain June, and that’s all. It is only Juniper when I am being naughty. I have wiggly hair, as copper as a penny. It is my most favorite hair in the whole world, no one has wiggly hair as special as mine. My Mommy told me that when I was being made, she picked my wiggly hair especially for me, it feels, squirmy, and fuzzy and wiggly and bendy all around. When I wake up in the morning it makes me giggly and smiley and have butterflies in my tummy. My Mommy helps me put water and her special Mommy lotion that makes me soooo super beautimus and helps my fuzzies, wiggle all around. I love my wiggly hair.

Oh and I get to wear, sparkly, pink and purplish oh so beautimus glasses. My eye’s need help seeing the world better, so this summer I got to go to the special eye’s doctors and choose my very own special pair of glasses, can you believe it? Her name is Dr. Abby, she looks in my eyes with a special, teeny light and I get to use a pirate patch and look at pictures of teeny and biggie animals, and then tell Dr. Abby all about them. I got to climb up a very sticky, blackish, giantly tall chair, all by myself, because I have superhero strength that’s why. Oh and guess what? I also go my own most beautimus flower case and I have a special wipe for my glasses too, and they are just for me and not for my stinky little brothers. I can’t hardly believe it, I am a big sister with responsibilities now. Yay for me! Oh and  Dr. Abby has penny colored, wiggly hair too, except it doesn’t look so wiggly to me, she told my Mommy she straightens it, that sounds silly.

This is the summer before I am going to be a big Kindergarten girl, I get to go to Kindergarten because I am smart and because I am five. See I can even count to five, one..two…three…four…five…

I have been out of pre-school for a month and a half,  I am having so much fun. Except some days, I even miss my friends a teeny bit. I love my bestie, friend’s. They are called, Ava, and Riley. There were two Riley’s in my pre-school, one Riley, girl and one Riley boy. My favorite Riley is the girl, Riley. She is sweet and we hold hands and she even has wiggly hair too, not the same wiggles as mine. And Riley has a baby brother too, his name is Landon, my Daddy has a friend named Landon. My other bestie is Ava, she has brownish colored hair as long as a ponies tail, she is real brave and a little salty too. Ava’s Mommy even braids it oh so beautimus, somedays. We make potions and build rock gardens and we are Mommies and make our babies take rests and change their diapers. They are my favorite,sweet and salty girls. I miss my friends, I love them so much.

I even miss my old teacher Ms.Kastle, she was real nice to me. She would tell me stories about bunnies and turnips, and the bunnies sharing the turnip with his friends. He is the sweetest fluffiest white as the snow bunny I ever saw. I love that bunny, I miss him. My, Ms.Kastle even taught me how to plant a teeny, weeny, seed, that grew and grew into the most, beautimus purple flower. I can close my eyes and smell the purple. She is a sweet and lovely lady, almost as sweet as my favorite Mommy. One time Ms. Kastle gave me a band-aid, I was running as fast as a cheetah and my shoes tripped my feet and made my knee start bleeding everywhere. I had so much red blood, I even saw two drops right on the ground. Ms. Kastle saved me, and hugged away all of my tears. I love her very much.

Until next time my friends! : )

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