To My Fears And Doubts

To My Fears And Doubts

“You gain, strength, courage,

and confidence by every

experience in which you

really stop to look fear in

the face. You must do the

thing which you think you

cannot do.”

Eleanor Roosevelt

“Everything you want is on the other side of fear”

George Addair

Hello Friends,

Through my daily life changing journey and my ever so changing self, I find myself day upon day, minute upon minute doubting myself. My dreams are focused on becoming a loved, world-changing, Author and illustrator, I find myself questioning if I am good enough to be a writer, if my pictures are good enough? I have wanted to submit my work to a literary agent for the past year of my life, it has haunted my mind on a daily basis. With worries and doubts I can not write the letter that is my segway into getting published. What is good enough anyways? Good enough for who? When I draw, when I paint, and now with my new-found love for writing, well, I get this feeling of calmness, of peace, I feel happy I smile more when I am writing, I get butterflies in my tummy and my heart beats faster and faster. (As it is now) I feel I was born to do this, it just took me most of my life to find it. But now that it is here, I am never going to let it go. Am I scared? Yes… Am I worried about being rejected? Yes… Am I in fears of others judgment? Yes…But I will not that trump my dreams and my feelings. As for good enough, I would say blow it away, I am realising my mind and body of those fears and doubts, what could be life hindering. I will not allow them to be.

My dreams and my feelings are what I am in control of, I may have these fears, doubts, stressing worries but I will not be overtaken by them. Release, release, release! I free myself from you!I am focusing my brilliant mind on success, on happiness, on calmness. I am choosing to respond to my life and not to react to it. Yes it would be much easier to return to the old me, the lifeless, easy-going me, the go with the flow, and not a passion anywhere in sight. I refuse this path, the happiness I have found over the last five months is amazing.

As for good enough, I would say blow it away, I am realising my mind and body of that fear and doubt, that hindering notion. I am good enough, I am great enough, I am the best! : ) I finally did it I submitted my work to five literary agencies! It was nerve racking, I was sweating the entire time. But I did it! It can take up to eight weeks for a response, wish me luck and send your positive thoughts out there for me!

If you find yourself with an urge to do something you have never tried before, follow your instinct. You may find yourself closer to happiness, calmness and peace. You can do it you are GOOD enough, your are GREAT enough, you are the BEST! Until next time friends!

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