Fire Steal My Gaze

“I survived because the fire

inside me burned brighter

than the fire around me”

“Love is ever the

beginning of

knowledge as fire

is of light.”

Thomas Carlyle

Hello Friends,

Just another early morning with my lovely routine of hydration, meditation, soaking up my affirmations and visualization. Snuggled up on my favorite cozy chair, with a warm, comforting cup of coffee in my left hand with my other hand I reached for my read of the moment. Gretchen Rubin’s “the Happiness Project” a great read by the way, this book will help you gain a new perspective on happiness and understanding yourself better to help get closer to your perfect happiness. I found myself with one of my spiral drawing pads, which I had filled page upon page with journal entries, children’s stories and even poems.(ps I would never in a million years think I would have had a poem hiding inside of me.)

These entries are a significant part to my mind, body, and emotional change. Journaling has slowly helped me find who I am and gain perspective. I am finding where my place in this world is . (Other than being a strong and loving Mommy and Wife, I work hard for this everyday, some days better and some days worse, but I still work for it every day!) I release my mind onto my paper to help me gain perspective, focus, clarity, calmness, and peace within myself. Mostly getting things out of my busy mind has enabled me to know who I am better. It is so easy to get caught up in the busy life of being a Wife, a Mommy, a housekeeper, a grocery shopper, a life organizer, passionate for my work. Take all of this away, and who am I?

Journaling, has slowly helped me gain strength from within. My mind for years was dull, lifeless, and mindlessly set on autopilot. Journaling was something I had not intended on finding, she found me.(She being my beloved journaling friend.) During one of my life changing reads, Hal Elrod’s, “the Miracle Morning.” This book was brought to me at the perfect time in my life, I was open to change and positivity. If you are open to change in your life (we all need change in our lives.) This read will inspire a new you.

I want you to start with a blank journal and a lovely black inked pen. If you already have one YAY for you, you are that much closer to a better you! Everyday release  your emotions, your thoughts, your memories, anything that is on your mind. Let it out, let it flow from your mind to your fingertips to your paper. Do this every day, even if you are not a writer. You don’t have to be, this is not a contest, start with one sentence if you find yourself with writer’s block. This is just you and a blank sheet of paper. Think of  your journal  as your new-found friend, now tell her what is on your mind, release yourself. She is open to hear all and judge none. Now see how you feel after, you will surprise yourself.

This entry was approximately two months in to my big life changing emotional, self and soul-searching, mind and body change. The children were warmly tucked into their cozy beds, and my husband  had spent the previous twenty minutes preparing this amazing outdoor fire. The sun was down, and the amazing crackling sounds of the golden, amber, dancing fire in our amazing backyard sanctuary. Surrounded by the shadowed, dark hunter green, billowy trees. With an unknown poem hindering in my head, I had my lovely journal and favorite black ink pen. Escaping from my mind onto my paper.

May 29th 2015

Fire Steal My Gaze

Flicker, flicker, fire, light,

flicker, fire through the night.

Crickle, crackle,

smokey, billow,

ashy, mashy, mallow.

Transcending, gazing into your amber light

Billowy, pillow, fluffy and light,

smokey, charkey, marky,

fills the air.

Ash blows through the breeze,

as gently as can be.

Fire, fire, flaming light,

steals my gaze throughout the night.

Flicker, flicker, fire, light,

free and weightless.

I float upon your ambery abiss.

These deep journaling moments, have day by day, slowly made me realize who I am as a person. The small moments we do not pay attention to can end up being the most important moments. These self revelations, emotional, mental breakthroughs. Be awake to your life make sure your eyes are open, your ears are listening, your body is feeling, your lungs are breathing, your heart is beating. Awareness is everything, until next time my sweet friends!

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