Keep On Pushing Through!

Keep On Pushing Through!

“Summer. Hair gets lighter.

Skin gets darker. Water gets warmer.

Drinks get colder. Music gets louder.

Nights get longer. Life gets better.”

“A life without

love is like a year

without summer.”

Hello friends,

I am writing from my beautiful back yard in my lovely, peaceful, morning hour. Surrounded by my own personal green leafy forest, I forgot how alive and beautiful summer makes the world. I am so grateful for my own summer sanctuary, thank you mother nature and to this beautiful world. Today I wanted to share a morning in my shoes. In hopes to inspire to push on through, even when we mentally or even physically don’t think that we are capable. Each one of us are all capable of so much more than we give ourselves credit for. We all need to know our own self-worth and not only know but think this way.

Yesterday I took myself and three children for an early morning walk. These three full of life, crazy birds needed to burn off some energy. We decided to make it a jammie day. I usually feel the need to get dressed to venture out of the house, but that day I felt completely fine with just keeping on last nights clothes. Some days it is ok to do this people, not every day but some days we just need a break. James my three-year old was getting on his hiking shoes on and scuba goggles with a mouthpiece. Just in case he needed to do some deep-sea diving of course.: )

We all four made it to the garage. I slipped on my run shoes, Violet my five-year old daughter, in her favorite Chaco sandals. James clicked on his helmet jumped onto his bike while I buckled the baby into my favorite convertible stroller. With my stroller and son on his bicycle, daughter by foot at my side. The four of us were off to start our morning adventure.

P.s. a run down of my most amazing stroller. It converts to a jogger and a pull behind bike trailer. This more of a trail jogging stroller has two full bike sized wheels in the back with no front wheel. So imagine, you must use strength to push down while moving forward at the same time. It is a durable, strong stroller with a sunny yellow shade. Equipped with a sun and net protector, so you are prepared for any weather to come. The children get a fun ride and Mommy gets an amazing full body workout, it’s a win, win for us all. What a friend to a moving Mommy.

We venture out of our drive way and make it out to our neighborhood sidewalk, the roads and streets wet and full of puddles from a late night summer rain storm. We moved towards our neighborhood nature trail, you enter this peaceful gravel filled, grass land engulfed tree filled path. It is open, calm, safe for the children to walk with no worries of cars or strangers. James was a little reluctant being on his bicycle with training wheels attached, being a man-made gravel filled trail, I tell him awesome guys called mountain bikers ride their bikes on trails with rocks bumper than this. He thought that was super cool, and motivated him to keep peddling on. Plus there were giant puddles of water from the rain storm the night before so he could splash along the way. The bumpy gravel trail made this walk a little harder, my son had to work much more that if we were to have stayed on the perfectly smoothly paved sidewalk. He splashed across a giant muddy puddle thinking it was the best, a good motivator for him to keep peddling his little feet.

The sun started to heat up pretty good at this point. Violet decided to hop into the stroller with the ever so content  baby Hugo, just enjoying his bumpy ride. The first path was pretty easy to make it through with my son on his bike. This being the first time we ventured on our beloved trail with his bicycle. I was feeling ambitious and so was my boy, so I thought what the heck! We make it past the first mostly level trail, came to the break in the trail where you have to cross the street. We safely make it across, finding our way back on the trail. This spot opens up to a wide, downward, wooden, stairs. Not super steep, but stairs and wheels are always a little rough. We bumped our way down and cruised by the beautiful, bird chirping, tree filled, slightly inclining, curved trail.

We made it to our big fork in the road, literally. We came to our amazing squiggly, rough textured, giant tall, incredibly leafy tree friend. This tree is so tall, you feel like a tiny ant standing beneath its crooked squiggly branches. There is something about this tree. He(he being the tree) always  makes me feel so good yet slightly constricted with its rough textured thick bark, and random dead crooked and ever so squiggly branches. Plus this is the half way point, it also means we have made it this far. That we are keeping on!

Here is where it gets rough, we turned the bend past our giant tree friend. The trail starts to narrow here, so narrow it is almost intended for only a single bicycle wheel. We made it to our tree, so I was determined to keep going. Tall, wet grass, a double wheeled stroller and a young boy on a bicycle with training wheels on a single wheeled trail? What would you suppose the outcome of this? I was motivated, we made it all the way up to this point. We were to continue on. The tall wet grass to my shins I had to push down and move forward with every muscle in my body. The water from the grass kept splashing Violet and Hugo, but they thought it was great. They were giggling and damp inside their lovely stroller setup.

Soaking wet run shoes, a little short of breath behind me my new-found little mountain biker, kept falling down. He was awesome he did not give up. I improvised with one of my favorite baby blankets, an organic cotton white thin summer blanket. I tied one end to my handle, I double and then triple knotted and connected the other end to the middle of my sons handlebar. He thought this was so great, I told him I was towing him like a truck so he could make it through.

Imagine the friction from the already wet grassy surrounded front wheel-less stroller, that I have to pull down and push forward. With a newly attached weight to my left side, I trudged through the grass my feet soaking wet. Everyone was enjoying this trip and I was breathing heavily and sweating profusely by this point. We kept on at this rate for quite a while. Something that by foot that would have taken us five minutes was now like eight to ten. It was an amazing mind and body workout. We made it back on the smooth paved trail that curved around and safely brought us home.

So when you are trying something new that you have never done before, even if you have done it dozen times before and new challenge arise’s. If it seems more difficult than you can wrap your mind or body around, keep on pushing through one step at a time. Slow down you mind your feet will keep moving you through. Each one of us is capable of so much more. Try new things, keep an open mind, even if you get stuck at a fork in the road. Your brilliant mind and amazingly strong body will help you through. Until next time friends!


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