Celebrate Your Life!

Celebrate Your Life

“The more you praise and celebrate your

life, the more there is in life to celebrate.”

Oprah Winfrey

Hello again friends,

Another week has passed and what an amazing and crazy journey I have been venturing through these last few months! I had let my life take me over and I had not allowed myself to make my passion a priority.(AKA having a family and small children : ) ) It started out with it being more of a hobby, a hobby that makes me so happy and got me through some pretty tough times in my marriage and personal struggles. I never knew I had an artistic talent or I guess I should say I never had an interest in it, one afternoon of nursing my second born son one of many hours spent in his art less nursery. Hanging off of the side of his crib was this cozy,cutest blanket with silly baby monsters. I had this image of them being on canvas hung on his wall, so what did I do next? I felt the urge to paint these guys, which I have never had that feeling before.

One of my sisters being an amazing artist, inspired the hidden artist deep within me.With this vision of these characters hang on the walls in my son’s nursery my sister got me set up to paint. I looked at the blank canvas laid out on a painting cloth in front of me, I had a pallet of soft blues and grays and a long wispy paint brush in my hand, having no Idea what was to come. I brushed over the canvas like I had done it a million times before, it just flowed and I felt so amazing doing it.

I looked at the images and my mind just painted what I saw, I felt like I was in the movie “Miss Potter” a fun romantic Biography about the author of the “Peter Rabbit” series. She finds friendships and has full on conversations with her characters I now understand where she was coming from. Dorky as it may sound I was talking to my newly painted friends smiling. This sense of excitement and utter happiness came over me, and even now still when I am thinking of my art, or in the midst of it I get butterflys and a sense of a calming happiness.

That is my story of how my love for drawing and creating pictures came out. I felt compelled to share it with you all in light of my first publication ever, of my childrens picture book,”Robot Rybee”!!!!! (I will paste the link below for those of you interested in checking out my work.) Huge deal for me people I did it I want to praise myself for all of my hard work and the years in the making. I self published, it was a thought task and having no clue what I was about to get myself into. Seven weeks after I began the process, I finally got my work out to share with the world happy day for me! I jumped up and down excitingly screaming “I did it!!” My children looked at me like I was a creeper, followed by laughing.

With this amazing accomplishment under my belt I felt the need for a celebration! Being a Wednesday night around dinner time my five year old and I  decided we must celebrate! We were to have a fancy dinner party on the fly, no time to invite anyone but us. We chopped up raw veggies drizzled olive oil and balsamic vinegar and spiced them up tossed them around, made a cheese tray and heated some sausage in the oven. Violet my daughter is an amazing hand in the kitchen, she is my number one helper .  Busted out the wine glasses with some lovely wine with lemonade for the children of course.

Fancy dinner party time, around the time my husband gets home from work. We headed up stairs put on our fancy dinner party dresses strapped on high heel shoes, and yes Violet my five year old wore a pair of my heels too! So stinking cute, we fluffed up our hair put on some lip gloss and then it was party time. I put on some classical string music on one of my Pandora stations, connected to our wireless speaker. Our kitchen was transformed into a lovely celebration featuring me as the guest of honor. My husband got home from work a little confused why I was wearing high heels, (ps I usually don’t wear heels, I don’t even allow shoes in the house). This was a special party and I needed to bust out my best! Our boys joined in, it was a lovely dinner celebration! We toasted to me and my accomplishment. And of course no dinner party would be complete without a dance party! So heels and all, we shook our booties and dorked out once again.

This goes to show that when you set goals in your ever so busy life and make them a priority you can accomplish them. Even if it takes a long time,” good things are worth waiting for” this saying is so true. When you hit these goals, even if they may seem small, CELEBRATE them! Cheers yourself, shake your booty, have your own fancy dinner party. Recognize and praise your accomplishments, it feels so good! The time for you to celebrate your life is here, you can have dreams and goals and still enjoy the now of your beautiful life! Until next time friends!

My Children’s picture book,”Robot Rybee” How exciting, I am in love with this character he is an amazing guy!


In this inspirational tale, Robot Rybee aspires to be the very first robot superhero his home planet Skepula has ever seen. When doubters almost dash his dreams, Rybee finds hope and strength inside himself from doing good and helping others in need.

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