Keeping Up When You Are Feeling Down

Keeping Up When You Are Feeling Down

 “The beauty of life

does not

depend on

how happy

you are, but how

 happy others

can be

because of you.”

“You have to fight

through some

bad days

to earn the

best days

of your life.”

Hello Friends,

So this morning was not my usual morning I have been on a pretty constant roll of upbeatness lately. I woke up pretty cranky, I had my usual night of sleep my alarm sounded at 5:02 like usual. I just felt groggy ad cranky. I kept on my morning routiene, I drank my water, I changed in to my work out clothes, washed my face, gave myself a quick smile brushed me teeth. I went down stairs and opened up the window so I could heard the chirping birds, I nesseled in to my favorite morning spot on the couch with my two cozy blankets. I began my meditating still feeling off my mind started to drift, I kept on having to keep my focus on keeping a clear mind in and keeping up with my deep breaths.

Then I moved on to my morning affirmations they were not to bad, then my three-year old son woke up crying and in a mood of his own. Then my mood progressed to dwindle, I heard my husbands alarm sound and him shuffling around. I snuggled with my son and continued on with my morning routine I snuggled and kept on my momentum started reading my almost completed book,” The Motivation Manifesto” by Brendon Burchard . Such a powerful, motivating(no pun intended

: )) up lifting read by the way. It has been keeping me solid and motivated for the past month, I am not wanting it to end. But that’s ok I can just reread it a second time with a fresh prespective.

My sons mood was still on the cranky side, my husband took off for his morning run. And then the baby started to cry and my thoughts went to, great there goes my morning and whats the point in even trying to work out. Getting overwhelmed, my husband got home and was getting ready to get in the shower. He came out of the bathroom asking if he had any clean underwear, so I ran down two flights of stairs getting his clean load of laundry I had left in the dryer from the day before. This happens with three children and a house and a part-time job to do. Hey the laundry was washed and dried a huge success right there.

I brough his laundry up and I was keeping my lost in my mind attitude and not as positive as I wished it to be. In a fluster I said to him,” I woke up early to have my morning and now I can’t even do that.” He replied back,” You can’t get mad at them, they are just children.”  He had an upbeatness to him and he even smiled at me.

He boosted me up when I was feeling down, just his smile reminded me of who I was. The thought crossed my mind of skipping my work out for the day. But my husband motivated me so despite my attitude and awake children. “It will help you, you can do it!” I told my self.

My husband off to work, lunch pail, protien shake, and coffee in hand we kissed good-bye . I brought the children and lap top out in my back yard. I got the baby set up in walker and my three year old was still being a whinny guy, I got him a glass of water banana in hand. I put my head phones and favorite Pandora workout music on cranked up the  volume. I popped in a 30 minute work out dvd I made it through the first ten minutes lazily then about eleven minutes in my body woke up. I started looking around in the midst of my work out I took some deep breaths, the fresh air felt so good.

I started moving and getting into my work out more focused, there are a couple of the moves I do not care for so I decided to sub in some free dancing in those spots. So my dorky self not caring a thing surrounded by my boys( mydaughter was still sleeping inside) and tree covered backyard I busted out some moves flailing my arms and legs just listening to the music, without any thought. I think I skipped over three to four minutes of the video but I didn’t care.

The children were content and I was feeling good back to my almost normal self again. I chimed back into the DVD and I busted out some hard-core squat to wood chucks, if you don’t know what this is it’s when you take one weight and squat to one side and use the momentum to throw the weight to the opposite shoulder with some kick behind it.

It felt good and I was flowing with some big time energy. I rocked out my frogging sit ups and side sit ups, I used all of my grumpy energy ad pushed it through my moves. The DVD was done I closed the laptop and listened to my music and just moved around jumped up and down I totally dorked out to my own personal dance party. And guess what my boy were smiling and laughing at me, I was smiling and having fun too!

So if you are having a “bad” morning or day push on through. Keep up your routine you will see you can find your self somewhere along the way. Maybe your mind needs some stimulation so read a book or journal get out whatever is in your mind. Finally these lovley bodies of ours need movement, so get up go for a walk a run or go to the gym do what makes you feel good about yourself. Or you can just have your own dance party in your back yard, my personal favorite!

When your day tries to take you over remember who you are and why you are here. Keep that brilliant and creative mind of yours positive.You can do it, this is your day you are incharge of your beautiful life! Until next time friends!

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