What Makes You Happy?

What Makes you Happy?

“The secret of being


is accepting where

you are in life and

making the most out of everyday.”


“To be beautiful

means to be yourself.

You don’t need to be

accepted by others.

You need to accept



Hello Friends,

      Have you really took the time out of your ever so busy day to think about what truly makes you happy? No, not what

makes everyone else around you happy, but you? Yes you do matter, you need to remember that. One of my favorite

morning self affirmations is,” I acknowledge my own-self worth, I am kind, I am loving and I am happy.”  It is so easy to get

wrapped up in everyday life that we forget about the most important person making this all possible, you! We need to make

sure we are acknowledging the small things in life that end up being the big things that make this all worth while. We must

make time for ourselves so we can show up better for our spouse, our children, our family, our colleges, our friends, even

our pets. Most of us put everyone else’s needs before our own, it is time for this to stop. We need to pritorize and start

putting our happiness first, some may call this very thought selfish. Those people ovbiously don’t know the true feeling of

happieness feels like. I am here to tell you that happiness is an amazing and completly reachable feeling! Let’s all think

back to a time or a day when you were truly excited and happy. A day when you had no care in the world, can you think of


      It was my last birthday party, we were supposed to have some family and friends over and everyone ended up being

too busy to come. Something people say much to often if you ask me (we will save that one for later), with my new-found

positive attitude and love for myself and life I decided not to let this get me down. Instead I took all of the good that was

surrounding me for my happy day, and may I say a fresh start to the next best year of my life! I looked around it was a

beautiful sunny summery June day, I had my old new-found love of my life/best friend and three redheaded smiling trouble

making children to spend the day with. We did nothing but play, my husband intently smoked and prepared a feast for us.

Our slightly sunburned children splashed in our small pool in our green leafy backyard. I took the day to really

soak them up, to really enjoy each of one of them. Something I would not have been able to do if our house was filled with

other loved ones.

      My daughter loves to be pushed on the swing I think we off and on did that over an hour that day, her genuine

excitement and utter happiness with each push. Her innocents beamed through her crinkle nosed giggles, she is so

beautiful and amazing. “Higher and higher Mommy,” she kept happily exclaiming to me. I just saved that in my mind, now

that is true happiness.

      My son loves the slide, we climbed up the tree house sat and stared at the billowing forest of trees that surrounded us.

Sweetest boy just sat and snuggled me on my lap, I forgot how sweet he is. I get so wrapped up in life I

forget to take them on individually, something I promised myself to do more of. He finally got me to go down their very

narrow steep bumpy slide, I resisted at first and then told myself to lighten up. He went first giggling all the way down, he

was so excited that I was going to be next.  I shot down after he cleared the way so fast I jammed my finger and rolled into

the grass at lightning speed, I immediately started laughing so hard I was almost crying, I am pretty sure I slightly peed my

pants. (All of you Moms can relate to that ) My son thought I was so awesome he smiled and followed me around for most

of the day after that.

      The baby was busy getting into whatever he shouldn’t be getting into, but instead of stressing out about what he was or

was not supposed to be doing I changed my mindset and just followed him around. He eventually made it to the shallow

pool where he was the happiest baby ever, splashing climbing slipping. His chubby cheeks and top four top teeth gleaming

with excitement. To be honest yes I had to make a couple of minor drowning saves, it would not be an afternoon filled

with children if that didnt happen at least once : ).

      My husband cooked an amazing meal he was so proud of himself, plus the food was so good!  At one point we were

sitting under the shade trees holding hands and making out like teenagers. Yes, this is the same couple that months before

would ignore each other for days upon end. Hummm…..being happy can help rekindle love in a drowning relationship?

(Let’s save that one for a different day).

      The day was so carefree we could just relax and be, we were all truly so happy. I am so grateful for that day, I will

cherish it forever. I realized if my “planned day” had gone the way I wanted it to with mass quantities people showing up,  I

would not have had the chance to spend this quality time with my most special and important people in my life. So if

things don’t go as planned, turn the negative into a positive. Think of what good can come out of the situation, and lighten

up some. Let free, try to be childish if you will. Seeing through the eyes of a child is amazing, untainted, fearless, innocent

and utterly happy. Is that so bad after all? And take the time to hold hands, kiss your partner tell them you love them if you

are thinking it. Take the time even if you think you are too busy. Grab them and makeout as careless as teenagers, it feels

good which in turn makes you happy when you feel good. Plus it is not bad for your children to see you showing intense

affections for each other. Find your summery afternoon or better yet start one today, tomorrow, this weekend. Don’t forget

to play, to smile and enjoy your day mostly don’t forget about you. This is your life after all, happiness is in your hands. Until

next time friends!

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