Get inspired to simplify and organize, gain some mental freedom!

First comes thought; then

organization of that thought, into

ideas and plans; then

into reality. The beginning as you

will observe, is in your



I feel free,

that’s what

I want to feel

everyday of my life.



Hello Friends,

Have you recently stepped into your closet feeling overwhelmed by all of the clutter or dishevelment? Or have you opened up your undergarment drawer and felt the same way? What about your bathroom drawer….kitchen utensil drawer? Look at it feeling overwhelmed by the amount of things or cluttery mess hindering your thoughts of why you were there in the first place?

Let’s free ourselves from this cluttery mess! Why do we hold onto things that we don’t even need? We have this emotional attachment to our, “stuff” we have thoughts or memories that stand in the way of this mind flustering mess.” I got that on sale, I could never get rid of it.”  Why do we try and fool ourselves? “I remember when I wore that shirt to my best friends birthday party.” or “My aunt gave me that bowl.” You know you have said or thought similar thoughts a time or two before.

Start with you bedroom closet, look around do you really need that 3 year old shirt that makes you feel kind of good but kind of bad about yourself? If you have any articles of clothing that the second you put them on,  make you feel slightly uncomfortable or not good about yourself. Free yourself from it, get rid of it! We dont need to be wasting any of our energy on negative thoughts, especially when it comes to our clothes. Your clothes should make you feel good about yourself, you should wear them with confidence and mostly making you feel like the best version of yourself. I have had it in my head that there is someone else out there that that could use my old clothes, maybe they could make them feel happier and better about themselves. So donate it! The odds are pretty strong someone could use your old “Maybe I will wear that one day?” Shirt or pants that just lays stagnant collecting dust with some weird notion that it will bring your back to a certain day or time of your life when you were happier. Or maybe it holds a bad memory, where every time you wear it you are haunted by a bad event or negative thought in your life. So donating your things will in turn will make you feel good about helping out other people, and help yourself gain some mental freedom. Come on this is a win, win.

Next move on to your underwear drawer do the same, if you have some undergarments that fit awkward one time. The odds are they are going to do the same the next time, so get it out of your life. It is liberating and freeing getting rid of the extra baggage that we don’t need, you will be surprised. Let save all of our precious energy on positive thoughts and not waste them on small weird useless negative thoughts.

If you are still feeling motivated move to your main living space and kitchen. Speaking for myself who used to be a borderline hoarder. This past year I owe a great thanks to my sister’s who tried to kindly but abruptly at the same time, in an afternoon spent at my house say,” We love you so much but we can’t even focus on what you are saying all we can do it look at all of your decorations and clutter in your house. It is making us feel anxious.” Of course I kind of thought they were overreacting. But at that time in my life I was having a hard time on focusing or accomplishing anything that did not fall into the line of a basic necessity. Like feeding children, maybe getting them bathed and dressed for the day, doing a mediocre job cleaning my house, making easy super un-healthy meals, getting around to laundry 1 maybe 2 times a week. With a family of five in mind you could imaging the mountainous pile of laundry left for those days?

I open mindedly let them take all of my decorations and useless, knick knacks down off of all the walls and shelves and filled up half of my living room floor with mismatched useless crap. It was unbelievable the amount of stuff I had just in my kitchen and main living room. I had to leave the room a couple times just let it go. I let them sift through what I really needed and what I straight up could not part with. I had these weird attachments to my decorations, why? To be honest I felt super weird for almost three weeks I felt bare even naked with out all of my stuff. I remember my husband got home that night and said,” What are we moving?” That’s how much stuff we got rid of. So if you have someone in your life who is not a borderline hoarding,”thing” attached kind of person. Bring them into your space open mindedly let them help you declutter your life. You will be so surprised at the feeling it brings to your everyday life. Not only you but your children if you have them. If we as grown adults are feeling overwhelmed by, “stuff” imaging how these small innocent people are feeling?

So I am here to inspire you to let go of life hindering useless,”things and stuff” try to take a step back and simplify your life. Yes it might feel weird and awkward for a few weeks, but what is that for your own personal even your family’s mental freedom? So give it a try even if it sounds scary, take a look around you. Do you feel calm do you feel organized? If not it can only help you, I strongly urge you to clean house! It might sound like a lot of work, of course it is going to be. Good things are hard work. I will promise you this, when you are all done ridding yourself of these unnecessary items you will get a rush of accomplishment. That will in turn motivate you to open other doors in your life. Good luck, if I can do it so can you! Until next time friends!

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